Taurus Season Wants You To Take A Deep Breath

Photographed by Jessica Garcia.
After a month spent in fiery, spunky Aries, it's finally time for things to chill out. That's right — on April 19, the sun will move into steady and reliable Taurus. And to be honest, we could all use the opportunity to stabilize right now.
"When the sun leaves Aries to enter Taurus, the overall energy tends to calm down, as we shift from a quick and impulsive rhythm to a steadier and more relaxed mode," Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at and, tells Refinery29. "With Spring in full bloom, Taurus season will see us enjoy those longer, sunnier days that infuse us with both a sense of hopefulness and calm." (Yes, we can still enjoy the sun when we're stuck indoors.)
In fact, these serene vibes might be just what we need now, in light of the coronavirus pandemic. During the last month or so, many of us were dealing with upheaval after upheaval as our lives changed at a breakneck pace. The uncertainty isn't over, but we enter Taurus at a time when many of us are feeling at least marginally more settled in. And the grounding energy may help us face the present-day unpredictability with cooler heads.
It's also a time to tap into our inner artist. "The Bullish season will motivate us all to get creative and to embrace our artistic nature," astrologer Lisa Stardust says. You may be tempted to dive a little deeper on that knitting hobby you started experimenting with last month.
Taurus's grounding nature applies to relationships too. "As a result of the current uncertainty in the world, this is a time to anchor in our relationships, desires, and goals. It’s time to take stock and give to those who have shown us respect," Stardust adds. Think about who has been there for you recently, and who's keeping you grounded. Recognize and be grateful for that relationship.
During the next four weeks, we'll experience a handful of major planetary shifts. Pluto, Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter will all go retrograde, slowing down the pace even more, says Montúfar. Retrograde planets are all about looking within, she explains, so the next four weeks are ideal for spending time in retrospection as we re-evaluate our relationships, our values, and our role in the world.
We'll also experience two rare, once-a-year aspects, both of which involve Uranus, says Stephanie Powell, Head of Content for and
"On April 26, Uranus will meet up exactly with the Sun, causing us to break free from our routine," Powell says. "We’re ready to embrace change, and step out of our limiting beliefs." Make an effort to go with the flow on this day, because nothing will go according to plan, and you'll likely be met with a few unexpected surprises.
"A few days later, on April 30, Uranus will join Mercury, our planet of communication, also traveling through Taurus," Powell says. "This has been referred to as a 'genius aspect,' a day full of ah-ha moments and inventive ideas percolating our minds." According to Powell, we'll also have increased energy for mental work, and may learn of shocking news that will inspire a transition.
News or no news, the change of pace offered by Taurus season has never been so welcome. Take this opportunity to step back and relax however you can — you know you need it.

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