Couples In Quarantine: A Wedding Photographer Checks In On Her Former Clients

Photographed by Andreea Muscurel.
When two people commit to being with each other “for better or worse,” I don’t know how many of them were imagining they’d be surviving a global pandemic together. Running my own Toronto-based wedding photography studio for the past 10 years has given me an intimate look into how hundreds of couples handle one of the most stressful times of their lives: their wedding. 
I’ve seen couples divorce as a result of planning their big day and others form impenetrable bonds, using humor to deal with setbacks (rain at an outdoor wedding!). I will always remember Ebad, the groom who lifted his bride’s mood with jokes as she sat in tears watching a tropical rainstorm pour down on their seaside ceremony while guests took shelter in vans on the side of the road. Seeing her finally laugh through tears of disappointment and frustration, I was reminded of the wonderful things a partnership can be. 
One of my favorite parts of my job is getting these intimate glimpses into a couple’s life, and then watching how they grow over the years: starting families, launching new creative projects, moving countries, and just generally riding out life’s adventures. So when COVID-19 struck Canada, I checked in with some of the couples I’ve shot, including Ebad and his wife, Aram, to see how they're coping with self-isolation, social-distancing, and being in each other’s faces 24/7. I also made them take a photo of life in quarantine. Here’s what they told me.

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