Who Is The Guy With Blue Eyes Selena Gomez Is Singing About In “Souvenir”?

Photo: Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic.
Selena Gomez has given us the best quarantine treat: a juicy mystery to solve. On Thursday, she released the deluxe version of her newest album Rare, and with it three bonus songs: "Boyfriend," "She," and "Souvenir." They're all, quite literally, music to fans' ears who need as much entertainment as possible during this global pandemic, but it's "Souvenir" that has most caught people's attention. In the song, Gomez seems to reference a previously unheard of bicoastal romance. Specifically, she sings about a lover with "Egyptian blue" eyes. Time to start digging.
"New York back in August, tenth floor balcony / Smoke is floating over Jane and Greenwich street," the song begins, taking us back to the summer. In the second verse, we travel to California.
"Sunset tower lobby, waiting there for me," she sings. "In the elevator, fumble for your key."
The last clue shows up in that same verse, when Gomez sings, "Opened that Bordeaux from 1993." Some think this may be a reference to the birth year of the mysterious lover.
So where does that leave us? There are, of course, two major relationships in Gomez's life: Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. However, neither have blue eyes, so we have to venture into the world of rumors. In that case, in the past few years fans speculated that she had been spending time with exes Niall Horan and Samuel Krost. While both were born in 1993, only Horan has blue eyes.
Sounds like an open and shut case, but the two have repeatedly stressed that they're just friends.
"We're friends," Horan told SiriusXM via PopBuzz when a photo of the two hanging out was posted on Instagram. "We have the same group of friends. We hang out all the time. The one photo that was ever taken got posted. We are good friends."
This leaves only one alternative: Selena Gomez did a very good job of keeping a secret. Meaning now that stans know, it should take all of ten minutes for them to figure it out.

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