Mason Disick Took It Upon Himself To Clear Up Kylie Jenner’s Relationship Status

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In late October of last year, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced that they had mutually decided to end their romantic relationship and continue raising their toddler Stormi as friends. The current coronavirus pandemic has reunited the Hollywood exes, and inquiring mind want to know: now that they’re self-isolating together, is there a chance that Jenner and Scott are back together? Thankfully, we have a surprising inside source who’s here to set the record straight: Jenner’s 10-year-old nephew. 
As gleaned from the rapper’s Instagram page, Jenner and Scott are currently cooped up together in the Kylie Cosmetics’ CEO’s mansion, where they’re kicking back with Stormi as they ride out the spread of the coronavirus. The stars have been split for almost six months, but fans can’t help but wonder if they’ve perhaps reconciled. In the days since announcing their breakup, Jenner has trolled the internet with throwbacks of the good old days from her relationship with Scott. Could love be in the air again?
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Mason Disick is putting those rumors to bed. During a now-deleted livestream from his brand new Instagram account, he answered questions posed by the Kardashian-Jenner fandom. When one user asked if his aunt was off the market once again, young Disick didn’t hesitate to spill the tea.
“No, Kylie and Travis are not together,” he told the camera matter-of-factly.
It tracks — the exes don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship to decide to quarantine together during this time. Jenner and Scott reportedly have a strong connection despite being broken up and have discussed creating a positive co-parenting environment for their daughter. Where else would Scott, the number one Stormi Webster stan, be during a healthcare crisis but playing shooting hoops with his kid in the driveway?
While things could possibly change — being stuck in the house with someone for an extended period of time could definitely lead to some...developments — I think it’s fair to say that we can put that speculation to bed. As far as Jenner and Scott are concerned, they’re probably just playing it safe in the age of the coronavirus. 

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