Chris Harrison Is Not Holding Back About Peter & Madi After The Bachelor Finale

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Chris Harrison’s role on The Bachelor seems to be as the neutral third party whose job it is to keep the production centered. But, now that Peter Weber’s season is over, all bets are off. Things are even more chaotic given the news that Peter and Madison Prewett have already split. Over the past few days, Harrison has been giving his real, unfiltered thoughts and other never-before-heard details from the season, which include the fact that he never really thought Peter and Madison stood a chance
"Will their relationship work? Look, 90% don't, so it's easy to say they're not gonna work," he told Extra TV. "But do you need to be the one that said, 'I told you so'? If you think they're gonna fail, then why not just let them fail and then you can just say, 'Hey, next time let's do a little better than that.'"
He didn't believe that love would conquer all because "first you have to be in love and you have to have this connection and teamwork." And it seems like that wasn't the case.
"Madi and I have mutually decided to not pursue our relationship any further," Peter posted on Instagram late Thursday night. "Believe me this was not easy for either of us to be ok with, but after a lot of honest conversations, we have agreed that this is what makes most sense for the two of us."
Peter and Madi weren't the only relationship that suffered post-Bachelor. As we all saw on screen, Peter and his mother Barbara butted heads over his future to the point of actual public arguing. That was what surprised Harrison the most.
"I just did not think she was going to go to that went south. I've never been more uncomfortable," he said. "It was like being at a horrible Thanksgiving dinner and everybody airing their dirty laundry."
He admitted he thought he would get home to find Peter on his doorstep because, surprise, they're neighbors.
"He felt a little ambushed, he felt upset, he felt protective over Madison," Harrison continued. "I half expected to go to my house — because we're neighbors actually — and see him with all his stuff sitting on my porch."
He also cleared up some other lingering questions, telling Extra that he thinks Peter reaching out to Hannah Brown was just to give her a heads up about the engagement, and telling E! News that it wasn't only Madison's fault that she and Peter were late to meet his parents.
"Them being late was just as much on Peter as it was Madison," he explained. "The reason they were late [was that] they were having a discussion out front. They were having a discussion of, 'Are they going to do this? Are we even at the stage where we should meet your parents?' That discussion was between the two of them so it wasn't Madison throwing a fit. It wasn't Madison doing her makeup and being late. It was Peter as well."
The only innocent party in all of this? Hannah Ann Sluss. Go forth and get the Tyler Cameron you deserve, girl.

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