Hannah Ann Destroyed The Bachelor & Dropped A Hannah Brown Bombshell At The Same Time

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For everyone who wanted to scream at their TV at all of Peter Weber's Bachelor decisions, Hannah Ann Sluss basically just did it for us — but to his face. During the After the Final Rose finale special, Hannah came out to confront Peter about his actions — which were proposing to her and then not being able to fully commit to her because he still has some feelings for Madison Prewett. But Madison wasn't the only person in the equation apparently. Hannah Ann dropped a bombshell during the episode, revealing that Peter actually called former Bachelorette Hannah Brown after the show.
"You wanted to reach out to Hannah Brown to find closure with her," Hannah Ann said. "[There were] three women involved in our engagement."
She kind of slipped that revelation in at the end of her segment before the commercial break, so not much else is known. We don't know if Hannah took that call or how it went. But for everyone who was convinced after Hannah B. showed up in Peter's Bachelor season that things weren't over between them, they were right. Peter's heart wasn't just torn in two directions between Madison and Hannah Ann, apparently it was torn in three with Hannah B. in the equation too.
The segment after Hannah Ann's showed Chris Harrison telling Madison that Peter wanted a second chance with her, so it doesn't seem like anything came of the Hannah B. closure conversation that would have led to them getting back together. But it was wild to hear that Peter had the audacity to ask his fiancée for closure for not one, but two other relationships.
It was very clear that Hannah Ann was angry when she confronted Peter at the ATFR, and justifiably so. This man told her he was going to choose her every day, and then he did the opposite of that. Hannah Ann said she also felt blindsided that Peter didn't tell her until the final moments that Madison wasn't even there anymore. He had two days after Madi left to tell Hannah and he didn't. Hannah kept saying she just wished that Peter had been more honest and that he'd been up front about all the emotions he'd had that final week instead of just rushing into a proposal with her. She chided him for not understanding how his words affect other people, and got upset that he even called her parents after their breakup saying he was still processing his emotions. The dude doesn't even know how to do a breakup properly.
Peter just kept apologizing and saying that Hannah was right in everything she was saying. Hannah ended the conversation by telling Peter, "If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man." Mic. Drop.
Maybe we'll find out more about that Hannah B. conversation from either Hannah B. or Peter in the future, but at least we all got to see Hannah Ann read Peter the riot act we've been wanting to all along.

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