Peter’s Might Be The Worst Bachelor Proposal Ever

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The ending of Peter Weber's Bachelor season had been a mystery to everyone — apparently including Peter. After he left Australia engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, a lot unfolded post-filming. Now, Peter is with Madison Prewett, but things are kind of rocky. So yes, there was a proposal on The Bachelor finale, but it just might be the worst one we've ever seen.
It was clear from the time that Peter kept defending Madison to his parents that she was the one he cared for the most. But Madison removed herself from the show before the final rose ceremony, because she feared they were too dissimilar. However, on the way home, she remarked that she did love Peter and wanted to be with him, she just couldn't see at the time how it would work. So Peter decided to propose to Hannah, seemingly believing at the time that he was really in love with her. When he got down on one knee, he kind of brushed over the fact that Madison dumped him, instead focusing on the fact that he was choosing Hannah Ann. In the moment, she didn't catch his incredibly brief mention of the Madison issue, and happily accepted his shady proposal. But back home, everything quickly unraveled.
Hannah eventually broke things off with him because he couldn't fully give his heart to her, and she was tired of giving 100 percent with him not even giving half back. (She also let the After the Final Rose audience know that Peter was also still working through his rejection from Hannah Brown after he proposed to Hannah Ann. Yikes.) With Peter back on the market, host Chris Harrison approached Madison to ask if she still wanted to be with Peter now that he was single. She did, and they decided to make a go of things.
But for fans who were expecting a live proposal to gloss over the pain of the one in Australia, that didn't happen.
That's just not where this couple is right now. Madison and Peter both said that they still loved each other, but they're taking things slowly as they heal from the tumult of the last few months. "I [know how] we both feel about each other, and I think taking one step at a time, one day at a time is possibly the smartest way to go with this," Peter said.
Rash decisions have certainly never gotten either of them anywhere. Madison regretted leaving Peter in Australia, Peter regretted proposing to Hannah Ann; it's probably not the worst idea for them to take a beat before getting engaged. There's also Peter's family to contend with. They made it clear that they aren't super on board with Madison, so they may all want to resolve those issues before becoming family via marriage.
This was one of those seasons where Chris Harrison really wasn't being hyperbolic to call it the most dramatic. Bachelors have changed their minds before (Jason Mesnick and Arie Luyendyk Jr. both later ended up with their runner ups), and contestants have left the show of their own accord before like Madison did, but never in the same season has all of that happened. And then there's Peter's mom Barb. No one has ever come close to being a Barb.
Now that the drama is over and Peter is with Madison, all that's left to do is look ahead to the Bachelorette with Clare Crawley. And, honestly, if it's even half as dramatic as Peter's season, I'm gonna need a nap first.
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