Like It Or Not, Barb Cam Was The Star Of The Bachelor Finale

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Warning: Bachelor spoilers are ahead.
One thing is for sure: Peter Weber's mom Barbara has been through a lot of emotions in the past couple of Bachelor episodes. But what's even more sure is that she was not afraid to show how she really felt during the After the Final Rose special. For much of the episode, a camera in the corner of the screen showed her facial reactions to the various unfolding scenes. Barbara shook her head when Peter began breaking Hannah Ann Sluss' heart, she clapped when Hannah ripped into him and handed over the engagement ring, and she made it clear she's not still super into Madison Prewett — her son's current girlfriend.
As you may recall from Monday's episode, Barbara showed during the final Bachelor dates and told her son how she really felt. She sobbed as she told Peter to pick Hannah Ann to the point where Peter told her that she was making everything so much harder for him by being so emotional. And apparently, that affection for Hannah Ann has not changed. She sat stone-faced as Hannah and Peter split and Peter reconnected with Madison, pausing only to smile when Hannah yelled at her son.
Bachelor Nation seems to be divided on Barb, but on both sides of the divide, she proved to be the focus of conversation on Twitter.
Of course, much of the divide can be attributed to what Barb did after her cam took over the episode. When Madison came onto the After the Final Rose special, Barb was quick to tell Madison that she didn't think her relationship with Peter would work, because Madison was supposedly unwilling to compromise. She was also frustrated that Peter and Madison's conversation ahead of the family date kept Barb and her family waiting for three hours and that Madison never apologized for the delay. Finally, she said that Madison just didn't seem that in love with her son. "I wanted Hannah Ann so badly …. We just clicked right away," Barbara said. "We did not have that connection to Madison."
Madison tried to keep things civil, saying she couldn't undo the past but that she respected Peter and therefore also respected his family. But Barbara kept going, and Peter's dad chimed in to say he also didn't like how the situation was unfolding and how many obstacles there were in front of Madison and Peter. The Bachelor seemed upset that his parents seemingly still don't approve of Madison, saying, "'I'm telling you that I love Madison and that should be enough."
For now, it doesn't seem like it will be enough. And whether there's a camera on her or not, Barb let her son, Madison, and the world know how she feels.
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