The Bachelor’s Mom Finally Cried & Whatever Your Theory Was, It’s Wrong

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
The promo of Peter Weber's mom Barbara crying on The Bachelor has been playing since the beginning of this season, and fans finally got to see the full context of the situation during the March 9 Bachelor finale. Unlike previously speculated, her emotional breakdown wasn't about Hannah Ann Sluss or Madison Prewett leaving the show and Peter's mom urging him to go get the contestant back. It was just about how much Barbara wanted him to marry Hannah Ann instead of Madison.
After Peter's family met both women, they made it clear to Peter who they preferred: Hannah Ann. Barbara acknowledged that Madison was a very nice person, but she was concerned that Madison and Peter's lives weren't compatible. By contrast, Peter's mom saw how much Hannah loved Peter and thought that they were a perfect match.
In a one-on-one conversation with Peter after Madison left the family date, Barbara started to tear up and told her son, "She’s not there for you," about Madison. Barbara voiced all of her concerns, and also explained to Peter that she'd prayed over his decision and felt that Hannah Ann was the "angel on earth" sent to be with her son. Then, she broke down further in a conversation with the full family. "Hannah Ann loves you with all of her heart. Don’t let her go. Bring her home to us. We will welcome her with open arms," Barbara told him through tears. "She’s a dream come true … that's what love stories are made of."
Peter actually got angry with his mom for her emotional plea, telling her, "You've got to stop doing this … it's literally destroying me now. This is insane right now." Peter was so madly in love with Madison that he got frustrated that his mom and his family couldn't see what he saw in her. He was upset that his mom was crying over the woman that Peter wasn't as sure about. 
Barbara ended the conversation by telling her son that she trusts him and loves him, but it's clear that she wants him to end up with Hannah Ann. If he doesn't, there may be a lot more tears from Barbara to come. And if he picks Madison instead, it's sure gonna be awkward when she sees how much Peter's family was not on board.
So there you have it: Pretty much every theory about this incessantly teased moment was wrong. With that, one Bachelor mystery has finally been solved, but the drama stemming from his mother's opinions may only just be starting.

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