Madison Has Been Really Quiet Since The Bachelor Filming Wrapped. Too Quiet.

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Madison Prewett went where no Bachelor contestant dared go before when she straight up told Peter Weber that if he had sex with another contestant, she wouldn’t be able to continue their relationship. And while we don’t know if she actually stood by that yet, we do know a little bit about what Madison has been doing since The Bachelor ended. Or, rather, since regulation time of The Bachelor ended. It’s looking like something is really going to go down live on After the Final Rose.
Of course, Madison has not shared her relationship status or any new photos with Peter since the show wrapped filming in November, but we do have a few updates about her via her Instagram and some very suspicious pics from her hometown.
Madison’s post-show life got off to a bumpy start when she was part of a pretty inoffensive (especially by Bachelor standards) controversy back in January. A few days after the show premiered, it appeared as though Madison accidentally commented on her Instagram from her own account, making it see that she meant to comment from a fake fan account. The comment from Madison’s account read, “Beautiful date Madi. You are so genuine and real.” After the message was called out, a friend of Madison’s commented that she accidentally wrote the comment from Madison’s account, which she was logged into while Madison was on the show and had no access to social media. Madison responded, “hahahaha you’re good, it happens love youuuu.” Since this incident didn’t hurt anyone either way and was just sort of silly, it didn’t seem to lose Madison many fans. Now that the show is ending, she has 1.3 million followers on Instagram.
In other post-show-but-still-show-related-news, we know that Madison filmed something in her hometown of Auburn, Alabama in February, and Bachelor spoiler blogger Reality Steve posted photos of it. It’s possible that this had to do with the mysterious finale, but we’ll soon find out. Reality Steve, for his part, said that she wasn’t filming a potential Bachelorette intro package because it would have been too soon. He also shot down the idea some people had that she was wearing an engagement ring in the photos, because even if she had gotten engaged, she wouldn’t have the ring back until filming After the Final Rose, specifically so she couldn’t accidentally give away the ending. (Plus, the photos are taken from so far away. You can’t see a ring. At all.) 
Madison hasn’t shared a ton of updates on her Instagram about what she’s been up to, which is typical for contestants who are still on the show. We do know that she participated in Autlive, a charitable program from Auburn basketball that supports those who are battling cancer. She also hung out with Auburn alum Charles Barkley. (The same Charles Barkley who recorded a message for Madison and Peter during her hometown date.) Madison has only had a few other Instagram posts since the season started airing, and they include a couple photos from the show and pictures with her friends and sisters.
So, unfortunately, there’s not a ton about Madison out there, but that just makes things all the more suspicious. Filming in Auburn, not posting too much on Instagram, keeping her Venmo private? Okay, some of the evidence is better than others, but it seems Madison is up to something.

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