Here’s How Much Of Your Life Will Be Consumed By The Bachelor’s Double Finale

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Everyone's been waiting months to find out how Peter Weber's Bachelor season ends. Well, the wait is almost over, because the two-night Bachelor finale begins airing tonight, March 9, and concludes on Tuesday, March 10.
So yes, that means you're going to need to mark out quite a bit of time to find out who Peter's mom is talking about when she sobs through the words "Bring her home." You're going to need to devote a significant portion of your work week free time to understanding the fallout from Chris Harrison's devastating announcement to Peter before the final rose ceremony. You're going to need to tell your Tuesday night book club it's just not happening. The Bachelor is taking over your week. Harrison hinted ahead of the season that "it's possible [the show is] still not over" and that more happened after Peter left Australia. That means it will definitely take both Monday and Tuesday's episodes to explain the full story.

So, How Long Is Peter's Bachelor Finale?

Luckily, you won't have a late night in order to get through the finale. On both nights, the show airs from 8 p.m. ET to 10 p.m. ET. We're just four hours of TV time away from knowing everything.

When Is Peter's Final Rose Ceremony?

According to an ABC press release, Monday's episode will pick up with Peter traveling to Alice Springs, Australia with his finalists Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. Both women are set to have dates where they meet Peter's family, and then all the promos seem to hint that one of the two women leaves. This prompts the famous scene of Peter's mom begging him to go get said woman back.
It's unclear if he does, but at some point the final rose ceremony will begin, and that's when Chris Harrison will bring shocking news to Peter that leaves him reeling. It's unclear exactly where Monday's episode cut this all off, but I'd wager the show will leave it on a "to be continued" chyron either right after Peter gets the news or as he decides what to do about the news, as a cliffhanger before we learn the full story on Tuesday night.

What Will Happen On Tuesday On After The Final Rose?

Tuesday will likely finish the pre-taped ending, and then will launch into the live After the Final Rose special. Harrison will bring out Peter, Madison, and Hannah to let us all know where they stand today. If he didn't propose in Australia, he could potentially do so on Tuesday, which would make for the first main franchise AFTR proposal (new Bachelorette Clare Crawley did accept a proposal at the reunion special for Bachelor: Winter Games).
And if Peter is with someone, we'll get an update on how that relationship is going and learn about any changes that may have occurred since filming — in case he changed his mind post-show á la Arie Luyendyk Jr. According to Reality Steve, Madison was reportedly seen filming something post show that we know wasn't for The Bachelorette, so whatever that update was will likely air Tuesday.
Then, after The Bachelor is wrapped up for good, new Bachelorette Clare will likely come out and at the very least, introduce herself. It's possible she'll meet five of her new contestants on live TV, though casting was really down to the wire for her season. At least, that's how the show has operated for the past couple of seasons. If Peter has a lot of updating to do, the show may stay focused on him the whole time. But something tells us that after this excruciating season, the series is going to want to give us something exciting to look forward to. And starting Clare's season off on live TV is exactly that.
The ABC press release teased for Tuesday's episode that "no one knows how Peter’s journey will end … not even Peter." But at least after four more hours of TV, we'll all know once and for all.

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