Every Detail That Matters In The Final Bachelor Promo, From Madison To That Producer Sighting

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There's just one more episode of The Bachelor left, and the finale promo was filled with so many dramatic moments. This show is not going out quietly.
During the March 9 episode, Peter Weber's mom sobbed about how he needed to choose Hannah Ann Sluss. Madison Prewett walked away after coming to the conclusion that she and Peter Weber just led such different lives that they couldn't have been a match. Then Peter told Hannah Ann that his heart was being pulled in two directions, which led Hannah to voice that she was close to her "breaking point," because she felt like she'd already given so much and gotten hardly anything back. But that drama has nothing on what's coming tomorrow, based on the promo alone.
Here's every moment that mattered from the very final promo of Peter's season:
Hannah Ann Is Upset On The Way To (Or From) The Final Rose Ceremony
During Monday's episode, Hannah voiced concern over Peter not being as sure as she is about him. The promo showed her looking even more upset and even saying at one point, "That was like a knife in my heart." Did Peter reject her like she'd feared? Or is she still reeling from what he said during their last date before the Final Rose. Whatever happens, it seems like it's not good for Hannah.
Madison Is Back Somehow
Host Chris Harrison teased that "if you think you've seen the last of Madison, you haven't." In the finale promo, she is shown speaking to Chris in the promo about regretting leaving Peter in Australia. She's also seen in a car, perhaps on her way back to change her mind and be with Peter after all? The editing in the promo makes it seem like she returns before the rose ceremony, but let's keep in mind that the timeline may be different. Reality Steve reported in early February that Madison was filming something in Auburn, Alabama. It's very likely that her potential return takes place months after the finale taped, rather than a day after she left Peter in Australia.  
Chris Harrison Will Finally Say "The Last Thing" Peter Needs To Hear
All season long fans have waited to see what pre-rose ceremony information Chris got that shakes up Peter's world. "I never ever envisioned this," Peter says, seemingly in response to said moment. "[It's] just like the last thing I needed to hear." Based on what we have seen from Hannah Ann, this promo keeps one theory alive: That perhaps Chris tells Peter that Hannah Ann has had it and has decided to leave. The promo certainly makes it want to seem that Chris tells him that Madison is coming back and that's not completely impossible. Either way, it's going to throw a major wrench into Peter's plans, and it probably has something to do with why he's telling someone "sorry" in the promo as well.
The Producer Of Peter-Ends-Up-With-A-Producer Theory Fame Appears
Some fans have speculated that Peter isn't with either Hannah or Madison after the show and that he actually fell for his producer on the show, Julie LaPlaca. In one of the promo snippets, the two of them are sitting on a couch together. Don't get too excited, though, we've seen producers accidentally get caught in the shot when things get really dramatic in the past, and that's probably all that's going on here. But the fact that the powers that be chose to show LaPlaca in the promo could indicate how popular this theory is and more importantly, how closely they are paying attention to the fandom's chatter online.
Still, Bachelor promos are notorious for creative editing, so don't put too much actual stock in this appearance, however fun it may be to keep that theory alive.
Peter's Mom Is Back And She's Crying Again
We may know who Barbara Weber was sobbing over in all those other previews (Hannah Ann), but what we don't know is why she's crying again in the promo for the new episode. A scene shows Peter's family all holding hands and looking concerned, and then Barbara bursts out sobbing in another scene. It seems mostly likely that Mom is crying about something Hannah Ann related. She really wanted Hannah to win. It's also worth noting that it doesn't seem like the family is in Oz anymore, so this bombshell could come later, after the events of the final rose ceremony.

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