Now We Know Who Left The Bachelor — & Why

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Weeks ago, after finding out that Peter Weber had been intimate with someone else during the Fantasy Suites, Madison Prewett seemed like she really wanted to leave The Bachelor. But she ultimately stayed and was given a rose by a very nervous Peter to continue on in the competition. But I hope you like whiplash because it all proved to be too much for her in the end: Madison left The Bachelor anyway, just before the final rose ceremony. 
Madison spent some time with Peter's family during the March 9 episode, and all of them brought up concerns about whether she and Peter were compatible. Peter's mom and dad and brother worried that Peter and Madison had different views on sex, lifestyle, and faith. After leaving their lodgings, Madison seemed to share that same concern that perhaps she and Peter weren't compatible. During her final one-on-one date with Peter in Australia, she had a hard conversation with him before eventually walking away from the show. "I don't know that we can give each other what we need," she said. She was concerned about them having to work "overtime" to love each other through the differences, and said she didn't want to change Peter — nor did she plan to change.
Peter said that he was willing to look past any differences, but Madison wanted to be realistic and truly consider what their lives would look like after the show. "I don’t know that we're the best for each other," she said. During her car ride home, she cried saying she would miss Peter every day, but she just felt that leaving was the right thing to do.
This isn't the first time a top contender on the franchise has decided to leave. On Desiree Hartsock's Bachelorette season, she revealed to the producers that she was in love with Brooks Forester, and it's likely that she would have picked him. But Brooks decided to quit the show during Fantasy Suite week because he realized his feelings weren't strong enough for her and he wasn't ready to propose. Cassie Randolph also left Colton Underwood's Bachelor season after not feeling ready for a proposal at the end of things. Colton chased her down and they left the show together but not engaged.
Obviously those situations are very different from this one, where Madison was on her way to being ready for marriage and falling for Peter, but had her heart broken when he explored his romantic connections with his other contestants. Madison had warned Peter ahead of the Fantasy Suite dates that she wasn't sure if she could continue seeing him if he was intimate with anyone else, but he did anyway. That really upset Madison when she found out. "I'm so frustrated with him. I'm so mad at him," she said at the time. Peter asked her if there was any way they could move past this, and she kept saying she didn't know. Even when she did show up at the rose ceremony, she seemed unsure. And that continued into her final date with Peter and meeting his family.
Ultimately she decided to follow what her head was saying over what was in her heart, and she went home. But judging by how sad she seemed on the car ride home and how she said she did want to be with him and did love him, perhaps there's room for Peter to pull a Colton and eventually chase her down too. Chris Harrison certainly wants audiences to think it's possible.

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