Kelley Flanagan Really Has No Idea Why Barb Weber Is So Obsessed With Her

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
From the moment that her son took center stage to become The Bachelor’s season 24 star, Barbara Weber made it very clear that she was the kind of mother who preferred a more hands-on approach. Peter may have been the lead of the popular dating series, but his star has been eclipsed by his mom’s big personality and unyielding hot takes about everything and everyone — including a bizarre affinity for Kelley Flanagan.
During the chaotic “After the Final Rose” episode, Barb made it clear that Madison Prewett was never going to be on her good side because she personally preferred Hannah Ann Sluss. Despite Peter’s protests and Hannah Ann’s public dressing-down of her ex-fiancé, Barbara was still staunchly anti-Madison, saying that the couple would never make it. “He’ll have to fail to succeed,” she said of her son’s relationship.
One woman who does have Barb’s approval is Kelley. The attorney, who appeared on Tuesday night’s episode as an audience member, has found a new fan in her ex-boyfriend’s mother. Since meeting the young woman in person after the season finale, Barb has begun following Kelley on social media and actively commenting on her posts. It's definitely awkward, but Kelley says she doesn't mind the love.
“Barb, I think, has been a fan of me since day one — I think we have that Chicago connection,” Kelley tried to explain while attending the launch of Chris Harrison’s rosé. “I think Peter told her about me before the show started.”
When the interviewer mused that Barb might perhaps be trying to redo Peter’s season and was leaning towards Kelley as her final pick, the Chicago attorney couldn’t help but laugh. “I don’t know what it is, but I know that she’s a fan of me...she was very sweet to me.”
Yikes. I don't see this boding well for the Weber family dynamic or for Peter's relationship with Madison. Given the fact that Kelley is one of Peter’s many exes from the show and not the woman that he’s currently attempting to work things out with, this whole thing just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

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