Here’s Exactly What Barb Weber Whispered To Peter’s Dad During That Heated Confrontation

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In a strange turn of events, Chris Harrison actually wasn't gassing up the season finale of The Bachelor — it was legitimately the most dramatic ending that this franchise has ever seen in all of its years. Last night, Bachelor Nation watched the conclusion of Peter Weber's love story, and it was nowhere near the fairytale ending that our hopeful bachelor so desperately wanted. What Peter got instead was nothing short of a nightmare, and he's got his mom to thank for that.
Part two of the season finale revealed that Peter had in fact proposed to Hannah Ann Sluss after Madison Prewett's sudden departure, making the 23-year-old's dreams come true with a crappy proposal and a sparkling Neil Lane diamond ring. Unfortunately, their happiness didn't last long; after a month of being engaged, Peter dropped a bomb on Hannah Ann by telling her that his heart just wasn't in it. She respectfully tore him a new one and bounced, earning the respect of Bachelor fans everywhere (and a crowd of supporters should she ever decide to want to be the Bachelorette in the future).
Everyone had their thoughts on Peter's indecisiveness, but no one at "After the Final Rose" was more opinionated than Barbara Weber. It seemed that after Monday night's manipulative outburst in Australia, Peter's mother was relishing her new role as this season's big bad — so much so that she decided to turn up the heat at the live show. Seated in the front row with her husband, Barb didn't hold back. As camera panned to her, the woman reacted visibly whenever Madison was brought up: pulling faces, sneering, rolling her eyes, whispering viciously. Months after Peter's botched proposal, it looks like his mother still has not come to terms with the fact that Hannah Ann will never be her daughter. You hate to see it.
When Madison was brought onstage, Chris went into full mediation mode, asking Barbara what exactly the issue was. She tore into the young woman, saying that Madi had made the family wait 3 hours before coming to meet them (because she was having a conversation with Peter outside) and that she told the Webers that she wouldn't accept a proposal from Peter (because she was still not sure how compatible they were long-term).
"All his friends, all his family...everyone that knows him knows it’s not going to work," Barbara said to the disdain of the crowd, who actually booed her at some point. "So we've been trying to help him."
Her husband was put on the spot next, with Chris probing him for his thoughts on the drama. Before Peter Sr. could answer, his wife was seen leaning into him to say something hurriedly. As it turns out, she was prodding him to back her up.
"Say something bad, too," Barbara nudged her husband in Spanish. "Help me."
The shocking plea was confirmed by Spanish speakers watching at home as well as audience members present at last night's show. Barb was indeed not-so-secretly asking her husband to help her pile on to Madison.
Her smear campaign didn't go as planned, though. If anything, most of Bachelor Nation is probably Team Madi after seeing what went down last night — and that likely includes Peter. It was frustrating for us to see Barbara go in on the woman that Peter ultimately chose, but our bachelor did stand up for Madison. "I'm telling you that I love her," Peter told his parents, looking Barb squarely in the eye. "That should be enough."
Will it be enough? After the chaos of last night's episode, I'd bet a cool hundred that this fight is only going to get worse before it gets better. Peter has shown that he is the type of man to be influenced heavily by the opinions of others, especially his family, so if Madison and Peter are going to make it to the finish line, they will need Barb's support. But hell might freeze over before Barbara gives this relationship her blessing.
Thankfully, we won't have to watch that drama play out on television every Monday night. Over to you, Clare Crawley!
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