A Lot Has Changed For Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay In 3 Short Years

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It's been almost three years since Rachel Lindsay first began taping her Bachelorette season, which would eventually end in her getting engaged to Bryan Abasolo. Now, Rachel Lindsay has switched careers, gotten married, and has started family planning. A lot can change in three years.
Shortly after leaving The Bachelorette, Rachel left her law career and switched to TV hosting. She's been a host and moderator on the sports talk show ESPN First Take since 2017. In 2019, she also hosted MTV's Ghosted: Love Gone Missing show. The series followed Lindsay and her co-host Travis Mills tracking down people who had "ghosted" on their friends, family, or partners and attempting to get closure for the ghostees. In July 2019, Rachel also added podcast hosting to her resume when she became a co-host on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast.
Last year, Rachel talked to Refinery29 about why she switched things up from being an attorney to exploring TV and podcast opportunities. "I felt like I had hit a plateau, where I was just going through the motions, and I needed a change," she said. "I felt fulfilled in the sense that I knew I wanted to be an attorney and I was living that dream out, but it wasn't enough for me."
And the switch wasn't as sudden as some fans may assume. "Once I decided to make that switch from my life in law, it really opened a lot of new doors for me. I come from a sports management and sports law background, so I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with ESPN. And from there other doors have opened in regards to guest hosting, a podcast, and eventually to doing Ghosted," she explained.
In addition to a new career path, a lot happened on the relationship front for Rachel in 2019. Last March, she moved from Dallas to her then-fiancé's home city of Miami. "Bryan, after the show, he picked up and moved to Dallas for me. And because I was practicing law, it was just easier and he was more flexible," Rachel told Hollywood Life. "Fast forward to now, I’m in a place where I’m traveling so much that it doesn't make as much sense to be in Dallas, other than my family, so it was nice to just show Bryan that I’m willing to pick up and move my life for you, as well."
Then in August 2019, Rachel and Bryan finally got married in Mexico more than two years after getting engaged. Though she still goes by Rachel Lindsay in the public eye, her Instagram also carries her married name: Rachel Lindsay Abasolo.
Several of Rachel's Bachelor Nation buddies were in attendance, including Kristina Schulman, Astrid Loch and Bibiana Julian.
Next on the horizon for the couple? Kids. Rachel told Us Weekly a couple months after their wedding, "We hope [to have kids] sooner rather than later." She added that she and Bryan were planning to conceive sometime in the next year. So 2020 could be an even bigger year for the pair.

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