Joe Biden On The Top 3 Things He’s Done For Women

Photo: Rick Loomis/Getty Images.
In a series of interviews with all of the major presidential candidates, Refinery29 and women's activism group Supermajority asked questions sent from women across the country. Because despite the fact that women are the majority of voters, subjects like reproductive rights and paid family leave have yet to see their limelight on the Democratic debate stage — and this is one way to change the conversation.
Former Vice President Joe Biden, in conversation with Supermajority cofounder Cecile Richards, listed the three things he's done for women he's most proud of: writing the Violence Against Women Act, pushing for women to have a role in the military, and helping pass the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.
When asked what his priorities are in his work for women going forward, he said it's important to put more women on the Supreme Court. Earlier this week in the South Carolina debate, he said he wants to make sure there is a Black woman on the Supreme Court — so far there have been zero.
"I'm not going to be happy until we have more than half of the United States Congress, the Senate, the court, important positions where women make up half of it," Biden told Richards.
Watch the video to learn what Biden would do to protect Roe v. Wade, his favorite amendment, and what song reminds him of his wife Dr. Jill Biden.

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