The Best Part Of BTS On Carpool Karaoke Isn’t Even James Corden’s New Nickname

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images.
James Corden had a packed car for his drive to work, but thankfully even the worst LA traffic couldn't dull the energy of commuting with BTS.
The Late Late Show host's newest and highly-anticipated edition of Carpool Karaoke had everything you could want from the biggest boyband in the world: laughs, name-calling, dulcet tones, and even an impromptu dance lesson.
As ARMY knows, BTS sing and dance pretty much everywhere, including cars. But that isn't the entire reason why, despite the Korean group's fairly packed schedule of American TV appearances, this segment hit particularly square in the feels.
When BTS do press in America, they're usually relegated to answering the same tired questions about collaborations, why they believe they've achieved so much success around the world, or to constantly talk about how they can top what they've already achieved. And while the group handles these interviews with grace, due to the format and the fact that interviewers often insist on getting answers in English, audiences only really get a slice of the picture of who the septet really are.
This segment — shoutout also to BTS' appearance on Fallon a few nights ago — therefore highlights many of the things that fans love about the group. You can catch comedy duo Jin and Suga lovingly roasting leader RM in the front for his often touted fact that he learned English from Friends; Jimin doing that melting-down-in-his-chair-thing he does when he's embarrassed; the guys hyping their maknae, Jungkook, up when he's crushing "ON"'s now-iconic bridge; the guys being good sports (and breaking a sweat) when they join an LA dance aerobics class. Corden — well, now dubbed Papa Mochi — let BTS truly be themselves, and often that itself is enough.

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