Netflix’s Top 10 Feature Is The New Myspace Top 8

Photographed by Bianca Valle.
Were you, like me, obsessed with maintaining a carefully curated MySpace Top 8 list throughout the mid-2000s? While the top lists that once perpetuated middle school social hierarchies are thankfully a thing of the thing of the past, Netflix announced today a new Top 10 feature reminiscent of the Myspace throwback. Only, instead of organizing friendships, it lists the top 10 most popular series and movies in your country.
The list, which will appear on the home screen and will be updated every day, can be sorted into TV, movies, or both, and will be positioned based on how relevant the most popular content is to each particular user. Shows and movies in the Top 10 list will be designated with a special Top 10 badge wherever they appear on the site.
The new feature makes discoverability of new and popular content even easier for users and brings further external visibility to Netflix's viewership data. Netflix also recently incorporated a new autoplay disable feature — which means no more browsing shows on the homepage only to be involuntarily launched into a preview that you did not ask for. Which means you can browse the Top 10 list in peace.
If my personal social media feeds are any indication of the larger zeitgeist, Love Is Blind will definitely be making it onto the Top 10 list — and won’t be leaving anytime soon. And if, for some reason, it doesn't make it, you best believe I will be playing the show on autoplay while I sleep to get those viewership numbers up. Everyone deserves to know about and watch the greatness that is Love Is Blind — and I thank Netflix every day for its entrance into my life.

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