Is High Fidelity’s Scottish Dreamboat Really As Young As You Think?

PHoto: Courtesy of Hulu.
Hulu's High Fidelity isn’t a show about twists. Instead, the life of heroine Rob (Zoë Kravitz) is fairly straightforward (save for the details of her last breakup). Rob loves music. Rob loves her friends. Rob loves her record store. 
Yet, Rob encounters one surprise during the show's third episode, “What Fucking Lily Girl:” the age of her dreamy musician crush, Liam (Thomas Doherty). Liam, 29-year-old Rob learns to her mortification, is fresh out of high school and roughly 19 years old. It’s the kind of jarring plot turn that will likely have fans wondering just how old the person playing Liam, Scottish actor Thomas Doherty, actually is. 
Doherty is not as young as Liam — and he already has a ton of work under his belt to prove it. 
In real life, Doherty is 24, and will be turning 25 in April 2020. We can expect he’ll be ringing in that big birthday with his girlfriend, Descendants star Dove Cameron. The couple met on the set of 2017’s Descendants 2, where Doherty played Captain Hook progeny Harry Hook and Cameron reprised her role as Mal. Cameron confirmed the relationship to People in February 2017, months ahead of Descendants 2’s summer premiere.
Since then, Cameron revealed she has considered marrying Doherty. She told Entertainment Tonight in November 2019, “I go back and forth on whether [marriage] is a thing that I even want to do. I think, if I'm going to marry anyone, it's going to be him."
In January 2020, Cameron gushed about Doherty’s party planning skills on Instagram (Cameron’s birthday is January 15). Doherty planned a variety of activities for Cameron’s big day according to her social media post, including water sports, pizza, and a personal laser tag course “with loads of her friends and family, some of which she hadn’t seen in a year or more.”
It’s a surprise Doherty had enough time to plan such a big day, since his schedule has been especially packed recently. Doherty started a recurring part on the CW’s Vampire Diaries spin-off Legacies in October 2019 as exactly what you would expect: a hunky vampire named Sebastian. That same month, HBO’s Helen Mirren-starring Catherine The Great premiered, debuting Doherty as the titular monarch’s lover Peter Zavadovsky. Now, a few months later, Doherty has a recurring part in High Fidelity.
Considering all this real-life experience Doherty has to bring to Liam, Rob should probably reconsider the rocker for the part of “boyfriend.”
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