Watch Jill Biden Protect Her Husband From A Heckling Fan In New Hampshire

Photo: Nancy Lane/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald.
Jill Biden is many things: She is an educator, a seasoned political campaigner, and a...bouncer? The presidential campaign trail has turned up surprises in the past, but Jill Biden acting as her husband's personal security detail amid a heated New Hampshire primary is certainly unexpected.
During her husband Joe Biden’s speech in New Hampshire, a heckler began filming the presidential candidate on his phone. He began shouting and even approached the podium where Biden was speaking. That's when his better half stepped in: Dr. Jill Biden was having none of it and got up from her seat, next to the podium, to help escort the man away from the area roped off by stanchions. It is unclear what the heckler was shouting as the rest of the crowd began chanting “We want Joe! We want Joe!” in what appeared to be an attempt to drown him out.
Other attendees also did their part to de-escalate the issue by blocking the man with their signs and acting as a barricade between the man and Biden who continued his speech. Biden acknowledged the man after he had been escorted off saying, “There’s only 24 hours left. I guess he’s going to follow me to South Carolina.”
The former Second Lady made a joke of it later saying, “I’m a good Philly girl” when reporters asked her about the incident, reports CNN. Since the incident, Joe Biden hasn’t said anything further; however, Jill reiterated that she will not let any harm come to her husband.
Up until the recent caucuses, Biden has long been polling as the front-runner among a historically competitive group of Democratic candidates. With the delay in polling results in Iowa last week, candidates headed into New Hampshire without knowing who was the frontrunner in the first caucus. In the final numbers, reported by CNN, 29% of likely primary voters support Sanders, 22 % back Buttigieg, and 11% are in favor of Biden. According to the New York Times, Biden is looking to improve in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday and expects to see a rebound in states like Nevada and South Carolina. Still, his hopes remain high. “We’re going to win this nomination,” he told the NYT.
Among the many candidates' partners-in-crime, Jill Biden has been one of the most active spouses on the campaign trail. In an interview with CNN, she said she sees her role in the campaign as being a “partner” to her husband. In past speeches, Joe Biden has introduced himself as “Jill Biden’s husband” to many crowds.
Given the recent incident, if Joe Biden were to become president, he should seriously consider Jill Biden as head of security in addition to First Lady.
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