Peter Weber Just Debunked A Bachelor Theory So Wild That Fans Can’t Believe It

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Say what you will about this season of The Bachelor, but we can definitely still look forward to some dramatic twists. According to the promos, Chris Harrison learns something shocking, Peter Weber finds himself in a state of distress, and someone makes his mother cry. As is customary for the show’s leads, Weber has stayed tight-lipped about his finale, but he did reveal that he hasn’t heard any correct theories yet — and he shot down one particularly creative idea.
When asked by Access about the theory that one of the contestants might be pregnant, Weber almost appeared to laugh. “I’ve heard that. I’ve heard two people might be pregnant,” he said. “It’s like, whoa, one’s not enough. Okay.”
The rumor that at least one of Weber’s suitors might be pregnant comes from — you guessed it — Reddit. “I imagine it happening in the promo where [Harrison] tells peter at the end ‘we literally just found out,’” one user wrote. Some have speculated that one of the contestants was pregnant before coming onto The Bachelor. Others have suggested fan favorite Kelley Flanagan, who met Weber prior to the show, got pregnant when the two “danced” together in a hotel. 
“It’s hilarious,” Weber said to Access. “People are really good at speculating. I will say I haven’t heard the actual ending yet, though.”
Even without Weber’s confirmation, the theory seems far-fetched. And it’s also unlikely that one of the women gets pregnant while on the show as another Redditors posits: as we learned on his hometown date with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown, Weber always keeps a condom on hand. “I practice safety in everything I do,” he quipped at the time.
In fact, Harrison had to provide Weber with extra condoms this season. “Knowing what we had going in, we had to at least have half a dozen,” Harrison told Entertainment Tonight. “We know four is on the table, so we have to be safer than that.” (By four, of course, Harrison means the four times Weber slept with former Bachelorette Hannah Brown in a windmill — a moment that will probably haunt Weber for the rest of his tenure on this show.)
“It was a tough one, but I followed my heart the entire time,” Weber told Access. “I’m in a very good spot.”

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