Ivanka Trump Shares An Iowa Caucus Throwback Of Eating McDonald’s With Her Dad

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The 2020 Iowa caucuses are off to a rocky start, to say the least. Numbers are still being tallied, candidates are giving victory-like speeches, and we are all waiting for answers after a botched app miscalculated results. And what do we all do in the face of uncertain and changing times? Post throwback photos on Instagram of caucuses past, obviously. On Monday, ahead of the 2020 final caucus results, first daughter Ivanka Trump posted a few throwback photos on Instagram of a not-much-simpler time: the 2016 caucuses.
The model-turned-senior advisor posted two photos to her Instagram feed along with some more photos on her Stories reminiscing over the days she was caucusing in Iowa before Trump was elected. The first photo shows the two of them side-by-side at a podium with the caption, “Caucusing with 45 in Iowa.”
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4 years ago...Caucusing with 45 in Iowa 🇺🇸

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But it's the second photo that really takes the cake, err, fries. In sharing a quieter moment between father and daughter, Trump is pictured with her dad sitting on his private jet, self-named "Trump Force One," eating — ready for it — McDonald's. President Trump doesn't appear to actually be indulging in the "post caucus snack" as Ivanka writes, but she is proudly holding up what looks like a burger and fries.
While the photo shares a private moment between the two, the 2016 Iowa caucus that led to Trump's election was quite chaotic in itself. In case you need a quick refresher, in 2016, Trump came in second to Senator Ted Cruz at the Iowa caucus with 24.3 percent of the votes. Cruz, Trump, and Senator Marco Rubio divided the Republican vote pretty closely, with only a couple percentage points between first, second, and third place, reports the New York Times.
Keep in mind, Trump managed to secure nearly a quarter of the total votes even after directly referring to Iowa voters as “stupid.” Coming in second was definitely a bubble-bursting moment for Trump who called the results “very unfair” and in an interview with Meet the Press, said, “There are those that say I actually came in first, depending on how you want to count the votes, to be honest, because that was a horrible thing that took place.”
Now, we’re back in tense familiar times, or nostalgic happy times if you want to look at it through the lens of Ivanka Trump’s Instagram. Results from yesterday’s caucus are still not in thanks to new standards for the already complicated delegate amassing, voting process that requires three numbers to be reported from each of the 1,600 districts in Iowa rather than the previous one number. It is anyone’s guess for who will come out on top among the Democratic candidates; however, this time around, Trump appears to have an all but exclusive endorsement from delegates according to live polling results.
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