This Is Who Probably Has Her Bags Packed In That New Bachelor Promo

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Peter Weber has been concerned lately that some of his women may just leave the show on their own since the weekly drama keeps interrupting their time and this process. Well, it seems he may be right. Someone's bags are packed and they may leave The Bachelor in the next episode (airing Wednesday, Feb. 5).
There are a couple of options for who it might be, starting with Victoria Paul. She's a likely candidate because in the promo for the next Bachelor episode she's walking away from Peter, who is calling for her to come back. (Fingers crossed for a Colton-style fence jump on her way out.) Up until now, Victoria P. has seemed really into Peter, but she did have some concerns after he invited Alayah back even after Victoria warned Peter about her. (That story is messy on its own, with Victoria seemingly not telling the whole extent of how close she and Alayah were before the show.) Perhaps she hit her breaking and couldn't forgive Peter for not blindly trusting her. She's already called him out once, after all.
The person who warned Peter that someone "packed her bags before the group date ... and was ready to leave" would be Tammy Ly, who has taken particular issue with Kelsey Weir. But it doesn't appear that Tammy was referring to Kelsey in that moment because the promo also shows Kelsey was telling Peter that she's falling for him. Those aren't the words of someone who's ready to run out, with her bags pre-packed and at the ready.
There are 10 women left on the show, so there are obviously a lot of people who could potentially be the one with the packed bags who's ready to go. And many of the contestants have been frustrated with Peter and the process this season, so it could honestly be anyone. Mykenna Dorn hasn't been able to get any face time with Peter and Kelley Flanagan seemed pretty uncertain about the possibility of marrying Peter during their one-on-one date. Victoria Fuller has been put on a one-on-one date with her ex-flame as the performer. Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett seem fine, but then again, this show has brought us a curveball every week. Then there's Natasha Parker, a bona fide Actual Adult, who has had it up to here all season long with Peter's wishy-washy shenanigans. If she decided she'd just had enough of all the drama and peaced out, we'd get it.
But of all of them, Victoria P. seems the most likely if just because of that subsequent clip of Peter chasing her in the promo. Plus, Bachelor spoilers blogger Reality Steve has written that Victoria P. was present to crown her Miss Louisiana successor in October (a quite verifiable event) — well before filming ended in November. While it's possible she was able to get a Bachelor furlough for that event, it seems pretty unlikely.
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