Your Guide To The Bachelor’s Surprise Super-Sized Midseason Episodes

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Since time immemorial (2005), The Bachelor has aired on Monday nights. But, this week, things are changing. During the week of February 3, the ABC powers that be are blessing fans with two Bachelor episodes in one week. That's double the dates. Double the drama. Double the chance that Victoria P. and Alayah will both be sent home so we can be done with that whole mess for good. The episodes will air on Monday and Wednesday. Ration your wine accordingly. Here's what you can expect and when you can expect it.

How Long Is The Monday Bachelor Episode?

According to ABC's press release, Monday's episode will be three hours long (8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET), while Wednesday's will be the standard two hours (8 p.m. to 10 p.m. ET). So, technically this week isn't going to have double the drama and dates. It's going to have two and a half times the drama and dates.

When Do Bachelor Episodes Go On Hulu?

If you weren't able to rearrange your schedule at the last minute so you can watch and live-tweet along with everyone else Monday and Wednesday, both episodes will hit Hulu (and be available on and the ABC app) the day after they air. If you want to watch before the water cooler chatter starts at work the next day, you'll have to make it an early morning — the episodes post in the wee hours the day after each episode airs.

Why Is The Bachelor Airing A Special Episode?

The Monday episode will, first, give us a much-needed rose ceremony. Then, the remaining contestants will head to Costa Rica, which, in addition to being the first international trip, means we'll get the reveal of Pilot Pete's freak accident that left him with 22 stitches. (If you haven't heard, while in the Central American country, Peter hit his head on both a golf cart and a drinking glass and had to be rushed to the hospital.) The episode will also feature a group date involving a photoshoot for Cosmopolitan. Very America's Next Top Model.
On Wednesday, Peter and the ladies will make their want to Santiago, Chile where a group date will include acting in a fake telenovela titled El Amor de Pedro. The fact that Peter speaks Spanish bodes well for this. Well, for him at least. The episode will also have a two-on-one date. Will it be Alayah and Victoria P? Alayah and Victoria F? Alayah and Sydney? Not Alayah? The possibilities are endless.
As for why we needed to see this all early, this week, that much remains to be seen. Peter's group of contestants is going to be a lot smaller after this week, so view this as one last hurrah of drama before things get more serious. And then dramatic again. I mean, you've seen stressed out finale Peter in that trailer. It's not looking good.
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