We Finally Saw Peter’s Bachelor Injury & It Was Goofy As Hell

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Usually when spoilers come out before a Bachelor season airs, they're about the person who wins or a contestant who has a problematic past. But when it comes to Peter Weber's season, fans got some shocking news of a different variety. In October, it was reported that Peter suffered an injury while filming The Bachelor and had to get 22 stitches on his face. On the show, he told a joke story about how he fought off a puma. He only got a few women with his story before telling the real one. But before we get too far: He's fine now, of course, but it was truly a freak accident.
On October 8, 2019, Radar Online reported that Peter received emergency surgery in Costa Rica after hitting his head on a cocktail glass. Peter was out golfing ahead of filming the show, and when he was stepping into a golf cart, he hit his head on the cart and on a glass he was holding. Radar reported that Peter traveled two hours to a hospital where he could see a surgeon specializing in his type of injury.
Peter, for his (and The Bachelor producers') part, seemed to think the story was pretty funny. He laughed about how silly it was that he had to get 22 stitches because he got into a golf cart the wrong way and then the Bachelor producers spliced in some grainy security footage of the moment. It's super brief, and we simply see Peter bonk his head and realize, oh no, he probably has to seek medical attention.
Peter has since spoken out about the experience since the news first broke. "It wasn't even a cool story," he said during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "It was a golf cart, and I banged my head as I was getting in. The golf cart wasn't even moving, Hulk smashed a glass into my forehead, and just sliced it up."
So, to be clear, he hit his head on a golf cart, and in response to the surprise of that, hit himself with a glass. "As I reacted, I put my head down and brought my hand up, but I had a glass in my hand," he said in an interview with People. "[The glass] shattered and ended up slicing my forehead open."
Peter told People that there was "blood everywhere," but that he didn't even feel the pain at first, because his adrenaline was running so high. The 28-year-old Bachelor also told the publication that it was funny seeing some of the headlines, because they mad everything sound so much worse. “People thought I lost half my face! But it was just a crazy thing. The next day I went on a date!"
Clearly, Peter kept things moving after getting stitched up, since he went on a date the next day. He's also positive when it comes to the situation overall. "And now, I got a good battle scar," he told People. "It’s a memory that will always remind me of this journey." Look, he even got that Bachelor lingo in there. He might've had quite the bump along the way, but you can't say he's not a good fit for this series.
Update: This story has been updated to reflect the new information shown on The Bachelor. It was originally published on January 27, 2019.
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