Megan Thee Stallion Confirms That She And G-Eazy Are Just Friends

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Update: February 4, 2020: Megan thee Stallion has seen the internet memes about her being booed up with G-Eazy in Miami, and she's not at all bothered by them — but she is clearing the record.
The 24-year-old rapper took to Twitter to address the rumors. "I am not fucking G-Eazy," she tweeted, adding the laughing emoji for emphasis. When one fan questioned why the "No Limit" singer was kissing her if they were, in fact, just friends, Megan didn't waste any time firing back.
"He like Fenty," the rapper responded cheekily. Now that's real hot girl shit.
This article was originally published on February 3, 2020.
In today’s edition of “The Internet Being Nosy,” social media is buzzing with hot takes of what could potentially be the emergence of a new power couple in hip hop. Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion began trending after a video surfaced of her cuddling with G-Eazy, but 
The video, which was recently taken down from G-Eazy’s Instagram story, showed the two laying up with each other on a couch. Megan was holding the phone, lip-syncing the lyrics to Roddy Ricch’s “High Fashion,” while G-Eazy nuzzled her neck and planted a kiss on her cheek. In another video from the same night, the rappers’ friends gather around for a hilarious toast.
Hotties (Megan’s group of dedicated fans) were quick to react to the viral videos, expressing their surprise at the unlikely coupling. 
If there’s anything that we’ve learned from Hollywood, it’s that you can’t be too quick to ship anyone in the industry — just ask Rihanna and any one of the male celebrities that she’s been “linked” to. Though the evidence does suggest that Megan and G-Eazy might be closer than friends, it’s also very possible that their relationship isn’t at all romantic in nature. They’re both talented rappers...what if the link up is a professional one, and they’re working on a new project together? Or — hear me out here — what if they’re just friends? Imagine that.
These dating rumors swirling are just the latest for the Houston hottie. Since breaking up with her boyfriend Moneybagg Yo in 2019, Megan has been linked to the likes of Trey Songz, Wiz Khalifa, and even Khloé Kardashian’s ex Tristan Thompson, simply because she was seen with them in public.
Despite the gossip, Megan has maintained her single, hot girl status again and again. After the 2019 American Music Awards, the rapper casually dropped a freestyle about her love life. “I never kiss and tell, I abide by the code,” rapped Megan in her sparkly, Jessica Rabbit-inspired ensemble. “I’m 24 and single, ain’t no ring on this finger.” So, in case you were wondering, she's single — not that it's any of your business.
G-Eazy’s dating life has been far less private. He dated singer Halsey, their on and off relationship a mix of high and lows until they called it quits for good in later 2018. From what we know about the breakup, it didn't exactly end on good terms; Halsey even famously called him out for cheating during her Saturday Night Live debut, and more recently, she called out a troll at her concert for shouting G-Eazy's name. The singer has since moved on, finding love with American Horror Story actor Evan Peters.
If you're shipping #GStallion or #TheeEazy, you might want to pump your brakes. Refinery29 reached out to the rappers' reps for comment, and neither party has confirmed the dating rumors. And it's likely that even if Megan and G-Eazy are together, it'll be their little secret.

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