Who Is Kevin Engaged To In The This Is Us Flash-forward? Here Are The Most Likely Suspects

Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
We’re long past the mystery of how beloved dad Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) died on This Is Us, but the show still loves a good tease. This season, the biggest question mark is who Kevin (Justin Hartley) plans on marrying.
Earlier in season 4, the show revealed that Kevin has a pregnant fiancée by his next birthday — mere months from where we are on the current This Is Us timeline. Kevin’s not dating anyone right now, and while it’s possible that Kevin will enter into a whirlwind romance with a stranger, that’s just so not This Is Us.
This is a show that loves leaving breadcrumbs of clues across a season, and tying it up nicely with a great twist. As This Is Us guest star and master twist maker M. Night Shyamalan tells Kevin in Tuesday’s episode: “This is the ending everyone wants. And they still won’t see it coming.” 
Maybe Shyamalan is right, but there's still time to unravel all the clues. For one thing, it seems far more likely that Kevin will wind up marrying someone we’ve already met — and maybe, someone Kevin’s already loved before. Who could this mystery woman who steals Kevin's heart be? Here are a few suspects.

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