Before Venus Leaves Pisces, Put That Energy Into Your Sex Life

Photographed by Jessica Garcia.
When it rains, it pours — in the bedroom, that is. Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and romance, has been resting in the deep waters of Pisces since January 13. With Venus moving into fiery Aries on February 7, the next week and a half is the perfect time to revisit the ways in which we can tap into our quirky, sensual selves.
I get it. You’ve been extremely patient in your quest for love, taking notes on what turns you on or off in a partner, and fantasizing about all the ways you’d like to be stimulated — mentally, emotionally, and physically. In the beginning of 2020, we were immersed in earthy, grounded Capricorn energy. This asked us to slow down and to be more strategic. But when Venus moved into Pisces this month, we began to see that patience pay off.
Over the next week and a half, your intimate relationships and sex life have potential to flourish and radically transform, but only if you’re willing to trust your intuition and let your heart talk. Pisces' planetary ruler, Neptune, highlights our subconscious thoughts, dreams, and sensitivities.
The eighth planet also has a tendency to make us fall victim to others' facades and illusions, though. Under Neptune's influence, all boundaries are dissolved, and that could leave us open to manipulation and broken promises from others — or to deceitful behavior ourselves. 
Perhaps you’ve been faking your orgasms so good, your partner (or partners) genuinely believes they’ve been rocking your world. Or maybe you’re the type to talk a good game via text, but when it’s time to hit the sheets, you freeze up. While Venus rests in Pisces, honesty is the best policy. There's the potential for us to have some of our most passionate, toe-curling sex ever — but that will only come from open communication. 
Pisces is widely known for its emotional sensitivities, which in turn makes for great heart-to-hearts. Now more than ever, you might crave foreplay before jumping your partner's bones. You may want to spend more time admiring each other's bodies or teasing each other — even tracing your partner's tattoos or stretch marks with your tongue. Venus in Pisces wants you to honor the beauty in all things. 
Several recent transits have played a role in making this time such a fortuitous one for love. When Venus shifted into Aquarius at the end of last year, we began to open up to meeting new people and started scouting potential flings. We learned the importance of accepting others for who they say they are, and honoring one another’s eccentricity.
Then, as the sun moved into Aquarius on January 20, the energy in the bedroom got a little more risqué. Aquarians are typically known for their uniqueness, their spunky taste, and rebellious behavior. Nothing with an Aquarius is normal or boring. Combining Aquarian and Pisces' energy opens up new possibilities. This is the time to experiment with kinks, explore threesomes or group sex, or maybe even film a sex tape, if you’re into it.
During this new decade, we can no longer make room for mediocre sex. Thanks to Neptune's influence, you’ll be rewarded for keeping it honest with your partner. The ability to listen and practice vulnerability are two of Pisces' greatest characteristics.
The need for forthrightness extends inward, too. Tune into what your body craves at all times. In the mood for an orgasm mid-day? Go for it!
Right now, Mars, the planet of action, lust, and aggression, rests in Sagittarius. This means your impulsivity and horniness is through the roof. Mars in Sagittarius wants you to acknowledge your inner freak and place her on full display. Yes, this includes sex in public — if you're sneaky enough. But even a good ol' fashioned quickie before work can give you the energy boost you need. 
Venus in Pisces grants us all the opportunity for our fantasies to manifest into the material world. That doesn't necessarily mean the object of my daydreams (Michael B. Jordan) will appear to sweep me away (he's sadly taken). But during this time, I can create the same kinky sex I envision having with him.
While Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all rest in the sign of Capricorn, we must face previous struggles with a fresh mindset. For example, some of us may have chosen to withdraw from sexual activity out of fear of contracting STIs or making the wrong soul-ties. Both are valid reasons to take a break. But it's important to recognize when we are limiting and punishing ourselves. Everyone deserves a chance to begin again.
Venus in Pisces asks us to keep it real with our intentions, trust our intuition, and have patience when exploring our new reality. Let your heart do the talking, but be aware of the red flags that you may be disguised under your rose-colored glasses. Still, don’t let your mind play tricks on you. No one knows what you desire more than you do. It's time to own it.

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