Venus Is Entering Aquarius, So It’s Time To Get Kinky

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Venus, the planet of love and money, is on the move. On December 20, the second planet from the sun will enter the sign of Aquarius, where it will stay until January 13. The Water-Bearer is known for its unconventionality — Aquarius is sometimes even called “the weirdo of the zodiac” (lovingly, of course). While Venus is in this sign, then, we should strive to embrace eccentricities when it comes to love, sex, and relationships of all kinds.
“As Venus, goddess of love, leaves behind the grounded caution of Capricorn, to enter quick-witted and eccentric Aquarius, we will all feel liberated from the traditional ways we have been experiencing the last month to adopt a more unconventional and upbeat approach to love and money,” Narayana Montúfar, Senior Astrologer at and, tells Refinery29. “As she enters Uranian territory (Uranus is Aquarius’ modern planetary ruler), Venus makes us rebel against the norm and challenges us to take a more individualistic approach to the way we express ourselves.”
Astrologer Lisa Stardust adds, “Venus in Aquarius is a little quirky when it comes to love and romance. In this sign, Venus likes to watch from the sidelines before making a move, and can even be called voyeuristic at times.”
We’ll see this Aquarian influence in our friendships as well as our romantic relationships. “Venus in Aquarius is a very social time (hello New Year’s Eve),” Montúfar points out. “We’ll feel especially pulled to those who help us express our own individuality.” 
While the holidays might make it difficult, independence is vital during this time, and we’ll be feeling less inclined to talk about our feelings. Stardust explains, “Always the forward-thinker, Venus in Aquarius values rationality over emotionality, and intelligence over sentimentality.”
“Personal independence will be highly valued within relationships, and those in partnerships will have to adjust to the less emotional vibe of the next three weeks,” Montúfar adds. “There is no doubt Venus will be shaking up the status quo inside relationships, specifically around the Winter Solstice," because of the way the planet will align with Uranus in Taurus at that time.
Of course, we’ll also see Venus’ influence in our sex lives. “Under this planet-sign combination, foreplay takes on a more intellectual and experimental form when we won’t be satisfied with mundane, conventional experiences in love,” Montúfar says. 
“Venus in this placement embraces the taboo when it comes to sex and is open to experimenting, even leading the way when it comes to trying out new positions and kinks,” Stardust explains. “Venus in Aquarius loves to push the envelope.”

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