Mars Is In Sagittarius, So Prepare To Feel Impulsive

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Feeling tempted to fly off the handle? Look to the cosmos. Today, January 3, Mars moves into Sagittarius. In astrology, Mars is associated with sex, attraction, energy, and courage. When it’s in Sagittarius, a fire sign known for a love of adventure and a carefree attitude, you can expect sparks to fly.
“Mars in Sagittarius is a freedom-loving, globe-trotting explorer who never holds back from expressing emotions and passions,” astrologer Lisa Stardust explains. “This fiery placement of Mars frequently leads to impulsive actions.”
During this particular transit, though, the effects of Mars in Sagittarius are a little different because of the position of the other planets in the sky — specifically Neptune, which is associated with imagination, optimism, and spirituality. Currently, Neptune is moving through elusive Pisces. “This time around, Mars in Sagittarius may be a little prudent on the take and when moving towards its passions,” Stardust says.
On January 28, Neptune will square Mars, meaning the planets will be three signs apart — an angle at which the planets work against each other, as if they have opposing agendas. “Neptune will come to square Mars, leading the lustful planet unmotivated to take action — even making it feel a bit stuck and unable to move forward (which is Sagittarius’s nightmare),” Stardust explains. 
This means that Mars’ passionate energy may manifest as you yelling at your roommate over the dirty dishes in the sink, rather than a night of passionate sex. “We may act out by making snide comments to others with our arsenals of arrows,” Stardust says. “Before slinging our arrows straight for the heart of others, take a moment to cool off. Words can hurt and be unforgivable if not thought out carefully. Act with caution.” Good advice for any time of year.

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