3 Types Of Sagittarius You Might Already Know

produced by Julie Borowsky; modeled by Kiara Sherman; photographed by Rochelle Brock.
This Thursday, November 22, will signal the end of our dark and sexy trudge through Scorpio season and the start of our freewheeling world tour in Sagittarius season.
Ruled by the element of fire and the expansive planet Jupiter, Sagittarius is undoubtedly a sign with presence, panache, and seemingly ceaseless positivity. They're usually a blast to be around, and they're often the ones we call with a last-minute (but brilliant) plan. But, that doesn't mean every person born under the sign of the Archer behaves exactly the same.
As is the case with every Zodiac sign, there are shades of grey to Sagittarians' behavior, even if, at first, they appear to act very similarly. Here, in honor of the sun's yearly visit, we're breaking down this fiery sign into three key personality types. Read on to learn just how complex this easy-breezy sign can be.

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