Harry Styles Revealed His Guilty Pleasure & Every One Direction Fan Can Relate

Photo: Rich Fury/Getty/Spotify.
While some of us proudly and loudly share our workout jams on Spotify, it is not unheard of to have some music you otherwise would never listen to that gets you pumped up. Harry Styles is just like you.
Recently in a game of burning questions with Ellen DeGeneres, Styles revealed one of his guilty pleasures. Styles sheepishly explained that he likes to work out to One Direction songs. Does Styles really work out to One Direction or is this a troll answer? Because Styles doesn’t talk about his fitness routine on the regs, though he has been commended for his workout clothing style (of course). So what kind of workout is he doing to One Direction songs? Is he hopping on the elliptical to “Best Song Ever” or doing a weight lifting routine to “What Makes You Beautiful”? We have questions, Styles. Either way, it is nice to hear him express some nostalgia for the good old days of One Direction. 
He also mentioned that when he is alone in his car he listens to the disco classic “Got To Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn, and that his favorite music video ever is “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel. Among other charming answers he gave in the rapid-fire interview, this is just reason No. 12489 why Styles is a prince who should be protected at all costs.
In addition to admitting that he works out to One Direction songs, Styles also answered whether he prefers boxers or briefs, his favorite curse word, how old he was during his first kiss, and his first ever celebrity crush (Jennifer Aniston. Honestly, taste!). Styles also gave yet another sweet answer when asked to pick his favorite body parts on a woman, saying eyes, smile, and character. 
Adding to his relatability, Styles also said he would be a florist if he wasn’t a singer, so excuse us while we go cry about how cute that would be. 
It should be noted that Styles confirmed that he was not dating anyone, so at least for now fans can rest easily that their favorite heartthrob is still on the market. In December, Styles spoke openly about his past relationships with high-profile women such as Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner, but admitted that he does sometimes date non-famous people. So, if your lifelong dream is to go on a date with Styles, make your move now while there’s still a chance.
Styles made an appearance on Ellen to promote his new solo album, Fine Line, and his upcoming North American tour starting June 26.

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