Here Is Seven Minutes Of Tiffany Haddish Hitting On The Bachelor‘s Peter Weber

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
The 33 women competing for Peter Weber’s love on the current season of ABC’s The Bachelor are up against a brand new challenger, and she’s pretty stiff competition. No, I don’t mean Hannah Brown — though some suspect that she could be the one walking away with Weber’s final rose. Tiffany Haddish is the latest woman to shoot her shot with the bachelor.
Both Haddish and Weber appeared on Tuesday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. On the show, Weber also revealed that he had a history with The Bachelor long before he even got involved with the mega-franchise.
Weber told Kimmel that he grew up just minutes away from the legendary Bachelor mansion in Agoura Hills, CA. His interest in the series was sparked by the show's other famed pilot Jake Pavelka, and as a teenage fan, he tried to sneak into the mansion. Weber hopped that iconic fence years before Colton Underwood did it in 2019.
Haddish, whose movie Like A Boss will hit theaters soon, immediately took an interest in the Bachelor’s love life, especially after she discovered their shared roots in the airline industry. When he’s not looking for love on The Bachelor, Peter is a pilot with Delta Air Lines, and Haddish worked as ground staff for Alaska Airlines before making it big as a comedian. 
“Do you have a girlfriend?” the Girl’s Trip star inquired. Technically, he has 33 girlfriends right now, 34 if you count Brown.
Weber didn't miss a beat. "You'll have to tune in to find out," he fired back charmingly, to which Haddish replied, "I bet you I make more money than her!"
Unfortunately for Weber, Haddish quickly lost interest when Kimmel revealed that the 28-year-old still lives with his parents. But he's got a good reason— it's a cultural thing!
"I'm owning it," Weber laughed. "I come from a Cuban family. Cuban family is a little bit different than American culture...and it's not unusual for family members to live together for a long time." Still, Haddish wasn't having it, exaggeratedly sighing and rolling her eyes as he explained.
While it looks like Haddish and Weber won't be making a love connection any time soon, I'd like to take this time to point out that having 34 girlfriends is a much bigger dealbreaker than living with your parents. But hey, that's just me.
Check out their witty repartee below.

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