This Is For Everyone Confused About Hype House, The House Of Cool TikTok Teens

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A bunch of TikTok teens are giving me FOMO. This is like when other parents at my high school would let their kids have boy-girl sleepovers, and I'd wonder what magic their kids had used to convince them that was chill times...a thousand? Because a group of TikTok teenagers just moved into a freaking house together, and the house itself as over 4.5 million followers on TikTok.
This isn't a new concept for online creators. A bunch of Vine (RIP) stars did this back in 2015, and YouTube has a number of famous creators who live in the same digs scattered across Los Angeles. But this is the first time it's happened with TikTok, and the insane popularity of the app means it's getting more, well, hype than anything that happened before it.
But a bunch of teenagers living in a house unsupervised — unless you count a 21-year-old, the age of the house's oldest members, as supervision — is bound to prompt some questions. We tried to answer some of the biggest ones below, but since I was not invited to be a part of the house, there are some things I'll just never know.

Where is the Hype House?

Hype House the unofficial name of a rented mansion in Los Angeles, but the exact location is (understandably) private.

Who are the members of Hype House?

The official list of members is: Charli D'Amelio, Daisy Keech, Dixie D'Amelio, Alex Warren, Ryland Storms, Connor Yates, Nick Austin, Addison Rae, notorious e-boy Chase Hudson, Kouvr Annon, Wyatt Xavier, Thomas Petrou, Avani Gregg, Calvin Goldby, James Wright, Ondreaz Lopez, Jack Wright, Patrick Huston, and Tony Lopez. However, these aren't the only people they collab with.

Do all the members of Hype House live together?

The only people who live at the house are Daisy Keech, Alex Warren, Kouvr Annon, and Thomas Petrou. Chase Hudson comes for stints at a time, and the rest of them live elsewhere —in some cases across the country — but visit to make content.

So is Hype House like Team 10?

Yes and no. Yes in that it's a house of creators who classify themselves a group, but no in that it's not as official. For instance, there's no one leader who gets a cut of the money that people make. It's just a space to create — and they mean that. According to a profile in the New York Times, the house has some intense rules about not partying (having friends over is okay), replacing broken items, and daily content creation.
“If someone slips up constantly, they’ll not be a part of this team anymore,” Petrou told th Times. “You can’t come and stay with us for a week and not make any videos, it’s not going to work."

What is the point of Hype House?

"This whole house is designed for productivity," Petrou continued in his NYT explanation. "If you want to party, there’s hundreds of houses that throw parties in L.A. every weekend. We don’t want to be that. It’s not in line with anyone in this house’s brand. This house is about creating something big, and you can’t do that if you’re going out on the weekends.”
Basically, it's a place for them to all come together to make TikTok videos, particularly in the house's spacious bathroom and on the balconies. Oh, and they also signed with WME, so there's definitely more ups their sleevs.

Are there other TikTok houses like Hype House?

They're in the works. In response to the lack of diversity in Hype House, the NYT says Melanin Mansion, a house for Black creators, Cabin Six, a group for LGBTQ+ creators, and Diversity University are all in the works.

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