Justin Bieber’s New Song Has The Most Extra Lyrics About Hailey Bieber

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Almost five years since the release of his last studio album Purpose and a few teasy tweets later, Justin Bieber has finally returned with a solo single. "Yummy," which dropped overnight, comes after an eventful time for the 'Biebs. Most notably, the 25-year-old married model Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin), and it's all but certain that the gushing lyrics in his latest single are about her.
Okay, sure — "Yeah, you got that yummy-yum / That yummy-yum, that yummy-yummy" could technically be about anyone...or anything. However, the entire rest of the song is one long, over-the-top ode to what is unmistakably a relationship between two rich and powerful people, so Mrs. Bieber would fit the bill.
There are other clues as well, like the singer's allusion to his past playboy behavior. He and Bieber dated on and off over the years, punctuated by his dramatic relationship with Selena Gomez. However, it's clear now that his philandering days are behind him.
"It ain't no stable, no, you stay on the run / Ain't on the side, you're number one," he sings.
The other lyrics in the song are, let's face it, bragging. Justin and Hailey Bieber have a combined net worth of $268 million, and he's gonna sing about it.
"That jet set, watch the sunset kinda, yeah, yeah / Rollin' eyes back in my head, make my toes curl, yeah, yeah," he says, which is probably the point that Stephen Baldwin took off his headphones. However, he should keep listening, because the singer does end the sone on a somewhat sweet note, albeit with a nod to his own fashion line, Drew House.
"Hop in the Lambo', I'm on my way / Drew House slippers on with a smile on my face," he sings. "I'm elated that you are my lady."
While the lady in question hasn't confirmed or denied that she's the subject of the single, she has done a lot of promo for the song on her Instagram Story, including wearing a shirt that says "yummy" on it. We still have on more surprise waiting for us on January 4 — likely the music video for the single. In that case, I'll bet we haven't even seen extra yet.
Listen to "Yummy" below.

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