Kellyanne Conway Made A Holiday Impeachment Joke But No One Is Laughing

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'Tis the season for menorahs, Christmas trees (decorated by Melania Trump), and things like impeachment ho-ho-hearings dominating our feeds. Although the holidays are a time of gift-giving and spending, President Trump's cherished counselor Kellyanne Conway gifted Fox & Friends with the illustrious impeachment joke that nobody's been waiting for.
Conway, who has frequently been roasted online like a holiday turkey, tried to, um, flip the script, by dishing out her own hot take on the impeachment hearings. Appearing on the Trump-favorite early morning show on December 9, Conway quipped about how she thinks the process is scamming Americans into something they don't actually want to see happen (she clearly has not been on Twitter recently).
“For all the incredible buying power in this Trump economy, you know what Americans are not buying this holiday season? Impeachment,” Conway "joked," going on to say that, “We regard this as an unconstitutional, illegitimate engagement and I think Jerry Nadler makes that very clear when he lies and says that if this were before a jury they would convict in three minutes. Convict on what? He didn't even specify the charges.” 
Conway, who fancied herself to be on fire, then tried her hand at another quip about the comedy classic Pink Panther, saying, “If [Nadler] knew what the charges were, if they were clear and convincing and digestible to the public, we would already know what were in the articles of impeachment. Why is he playing a game of Inspector Clouseau secret squirrel?” Conway has tried to add humor into her rhetoric plenty of times and continues to find herself falling flat on the punchline.
Just a few weeks ago, questions and conspiracies swirled over whether Conway collaborated on behind-the-scenes bestseller “Anonymous,” which digs up dirt on what goes on in the White House. Her husband ultimately confirmed that’s definitely not the case. 
In addition to that, Conway's been in some pretty public head-to-head battles with her husband — a lawyer and one of Trump’s most vocal critics. In recent Twitter fumble, her husband publicly replied to a tweet that was a major faux pas for Kellyanne. Things got heated when he responded to a video she shared on Twitter (with, you guessed it, a "joke") about Joe Biden and Ukraine, saying, “Sleepy Joe is Creepy Joe. We need Ukraine’s help to defeat THIS guy?” Her husband's reply? He fired back with a quote tweet, saying, “Your boss apparently thought so.” Yikes. 
We're sorry to say that when it comes to her comedy career, Kellyanne Conway might just be laughing alone.
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