Sam Bee Dug Up Kellyanne Conway's Daily Show Appearances — & They Explain So Much

Photo: TBS.
Like cutting your own bangs on yearbook picture day, the past has a funny way of coming back to haunt us. “Funny” is the operative term here, as Samantha Bee reminds us about Kellyanne Conway’s forgotten appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart in the days before Trump. On Jimmy Kimmel Live, Bee recalls the “many times” the comedy team interviewed the current Counselor to and former campaign manager of Donald Trump, saying even then it was clear she was “thirsty” for media attention.
Bee rolled a clip from the early ‘aughts that may have foreshadowed Conway’s tactics during the 2016 campaign. Conway doesn’t hesitate when Bee compares the Republican party to a “shit sandwich,” quickly replying that to persuade the American people she would, “dip it in chocolate and tell them it has no calories.” Am I laughing or crying? Another Daily Show throwback shows a young Stephen Colbert explaining “M.I.L.F.” to Conway.
Bee is no stranger to shining a light on Conway’s past media appearances. The comedian dedicated an entire segment of Full Frontal to the political pundit, rolling clips of Conway putting Trump on blast before becoming his campaign manager, including alluding to “victims of Trump University” and calling him “unpresidential.”
It isn’t the first time Conway has forayed into comedy. How could we forget when Chris Hardwick rolled lost footage of the pundit trying her own hand at stand-up? In the clip, Conway can be seen not quite landing a punchline about “breaking a leg” at a charity event. Whether she’ll regret the performance or the fetch ‘90s yellow turtleneck and corduroy dress ensemble is anyone’s guess.

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