These Were The Biggest News Stories In 2019, According To Google

Photo: Rico Brouwer/Soccrates/Getty Images.
There’s no better way to gauge what our culture cares about than what we talk about online — and there were plenty of jaw-dropping events and moments in 2019 that kept us searching for answers, especially on Google. You know, the moments we all couldn’t stop coming back to this year that infiltrated both our brains and our feeds.
Among the hundreds of events cramming our feeds, the recent (and probably forever unforgettable) impeachment inquiry that’s drawn out for weeks on end. Between events like the Area 51 raid, which quickly became a meme, Greta Thunberg and young women leading the Global Climate Strike, and unprecedented attacks on abortion rights in many states, this year has seen it all. 
It’s hard to remember everything that happened in a year when every day feels like ten on the news-scale, but luckily (and maybe creepily?) Google remembers. In Google's year-end report, the company tracked this year's biggest online news moments. What news made the most commotion for people in 2019 according to Google? We’re glad you asked. Keep reading to see the top 10 search queries that spiked the most in Google this year.

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