How To Fight Anti-Abortion Laws Around The Country

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If you're angry and exhausted about the wave of extreme anti-abortion laws around the country — most recently, the bans signed by the governors of Georgia and Alabama, and now the Missouri Senate voting to ban the procedure at eight weeks — you're not alone.
Anti-choice advocates want to see Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision guaranteeing a woman's right to choose, overturned, and are chipping away at abortion rights, while some states scramble to protect theirs.
Opinion polls show that a vast majority of Americans believe abortion is a decision between a woman and her doctor. A recent poll found that 70% don't want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, and public support for abortion rights remains high. This is the time to fight anti-abortion laws and keep extremist lawmakers from exerting their control over women's bodies. Ahead are a few ways you can help.

Donate To Abortion Funds & Clinics

These reproductive rights organizations help make abortion more accessible, especially for lower-income women.
Access Reproductive Care - Southeast is a volunteer organization in 12 Southeastern states helping people access reproductive care.
Feminist Women's Health Center in Atlanta provides crucial clinic services such as abortion care, emergency contraception, and STI testing, as well as community education and advocacy programs.
Iowa Abortion Access Fund is a volunteer-run organization that helps provide abortion services in Iowa for those who lack the resources.
Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund is volunteer-run group that helps people access abortion in Mississippi.
National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) is a network of over 80 funds that helps lower-income individuals access abortion care.
Preterm is an independent, nonprofit abortion clinic in Ohio.
Women Have Options is an Ohio-based organization that provides financial help to low-income patients seeking abortions and other reproductive care.
The Yellowhammer Fund is based in Alabama and provides funding for abortions as well as help with other obstacles, such as travel and lodging.

Consider Becoming A Clinic Escort

Abortion providers have faced an uptick in bullying, trespassing, and death threats in the past couple of years. If you are able to help, visit Planned Parenthood's volunteer page to learn more or contact your local clinic.

Educate Yourself & Others About Abortion

Don't take terms like "heartbeat" bill for granted. Take the time to learn and educate others on what the "heartbeat" bill (not really a heartbeat bill at all) and other legislation really means. Help work to dispel myths around abortion: For example, abortion is still legal in Alabama and Georgia.
"Abortion is still legal in all the states that have passed abortion bans," Quita Tinsley, deputy director of ARC-Southeast, told Refinery29. "[But the misinformation] scares people; they think they are no longer able to have abortions."

Work To Elect & Vote For Pro-Choice Women

Everyone who voted for the Alabama legislation was a white man. Donate to and volunteer for organizations like Emerge America, EMILY's List, and Run for Something — because it's women who should be at the table making decisions about women's health. And, as the race to 2020 kicks into gear, give some dollars to your favorite pro-choice presidential candidate.

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