The Women Of Hollywood Are Shading The Golden Globes’ Lack Of Director Noms For Women

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In December of 2019, the year of our Lord and Hustlers and Little Women, somehow not a single woman director got a nod from the Golden Globes. Nominations for the January award show dropped today and were perhaps the whitest and bro-iest in recent memory. While this is unfortunately often the status quo for Hollywood, this year the women in the industry weren't going to take it lying down.
Actress Saoirse Ronan, who was nominated for Best Actress for her role in Little Women, shaded the Globes in her reaction statement for not nominating director Greta Gerwig as well.
"Getting to play Jo March, one of the most inspiring characters in literature, still today, has been an honor," she said. "I am eternally grateful to Greta Gerwig for her guidance and partnership, and for her fierce perseverance that brought this incredible cast together and created an environment for us to become a real family and tell this very special story. My performance in this film belongs to Greta as much as it does myself and I share this recognition completely with her."
Then there's Ava DuVernay, whose film When They See Us was totally shut out of the ceremony. However, when prompted for a reaction from Twitter, she stayed graceful.
"These things are a cherry on top. The sundae is yummy with or without it. And this one has been particularly delicious," she wrote, later adding after the omission began trending, "WHEN THEY SEE US is trending nationally. A good thing. More light on the Exonerated 5 and the system of mass criminalization this nation has constructed."
Charlize Theron, who was nominated for her role in Bombshell, also condemned the lack of women's voices, saying nominations like this are "incredibly frustrating" after women had such a creative year in Hollywood.
Alma Har'el, who also did not receive any official love for her movie Honey Boy, said that we should stop looking to these award shows for validation.
"I was on the inside for the first time this year," she tweeted. "These are not our people and they do not represent us. Do not look for justice in the awards system. We are building a new world."
If this is a new world that includes Booksmart, The Farewell, and A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, then it can only be better.
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