Netflix Just Created The Best (& Almost NSFW) Meme

When it’s not making headlines for cancelling your favorite original series (justice for One Day At A Time!) or stiffing comedy legends, streaming giant Netflix does some really cool things — like announcing the existence of an intricate Marvel Cinematic Universe-level world in its Christmas films.
That’s because, for the most part, the minds behind the company have their pulse on pop culture. They know what the people want and are down to provide it, even if that means getting a little freaky.
Yesterday, the streaming platform sent tongues wagging by posing a provocative question on its Twitter page: “What’s something you can say during sex but also when you manage a brand account?” Not a chaste inquiry by any means, but it doesn’t have to be. Netflix clearly understands its market. After all, the brand makes one crucial half of the cultural phenomenon of “Netflix and chill.” They know what time it is. 
Besides garnering thousands of skull and cry-laughing emojis from its followers, other high profile brands swarmed to the original tweet to contribute their own risqué double entendres. Some were a little too on the nose while others were executed almost too flawlessly, but the innuendo was very strong throughout the thread.
Grab hold of your pearls, folks, because some of these brands really took it there.
The internet has pretty much been the wild, wild west in 2019, but this Twitter thread might very well top the list of weirdest, most bizarre things that may have happened online this year. That's saying a lot; we are talking about the same year during which a million people planned a Naruto-style raid on Area-51.
Fully entertained, but I also doubt that I'll ever look at a frosted strawberry PopTart the same.

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