Billie Eilish Got A Dramatic Makeunder — & She Looks So Different

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
Billie Eilish has had quite the year: a new album, six Grammy nominations, and the coveted title of Apple Music's Global Artist of the Year. The singer, who has amassed 43.8 million devoted fans on Instagram, has done it all by staying true to herself — baggy clothes, signature neon-green roots, bedazzled nails, and all.
That's why today, when she released the new music video for her song "Xanny," fans were taken aback by how different Eilish looked in the opening frames. In them, the singer ditches her wild two-toned hair for a softer, more middle-of-the-road chestnut brown lob. Her makeup is minimal too, with pretty rose tones that match the video's dreamy aesthetic.
The new color marks a major transformation for Eilish, whose hair became one of her signature features after she dyed it back in July. The green roots would even go on to become a costume staple this past Halloween, with celebrities like Nina Dobrev channeling the young artist with their own variations on the look.
Expectedly so, fans immediately flooded Eilish's Instagram post to talk about her new look. "Omg brown hair!!!!," wrote one user, while another commented, "WOAHHHHHHHHHH THE HAIR."
While we don't know what inspired the new hair color, it could be her first step toward restoring her hair health. Last month, Eilish revealed that a recent dye job caused her hair to fall out. "Somebody dyed my hair, and they burnt half of it off," Eilish told TMZ at Los Angeles International Airport, after learning that people thought she had a mullet. "Now, it looks like a mullet, that sh—t is not on purpose, though." She also took the opportunity to let fans know that she has zero plans of keeping it: "I'm growing that sh—t out."
Now in the grow-out phase, Eilish could be trying for a more low-maintenance color. Or she could just be experimenting because, as we've seen with her past hair choices (ash blue, lavender, and jet-black), that's what she does best.
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