Princess Anne Refusing To Greet Trump At NATO Is Like A Real-Life Episode Of The Crown

Photo: Robin Utrecht/Shutterstock.
Some of the most powerful world leaders gathered on Tuesday night for the 70th annual NATO reception, and somehow, a real life episode of The Crown unfolded right before our eyes.
A viral video circulated on Wednesday showing Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles greeting guests at Buckingham Palace in an assembly line when Donald and Melania Trump approached. Princess Anne, standing off to the side, seemingly refused to get in the line to greet the Trumps even after the Queen motioned toward her to stand with them. Her reply? An already-iconic shrug. "I'm just waiting," Princess Anne said to The Queen.
Immediately following The Shrug™, it appeared as though the Queen, very unamused, quietly scolded her daughter for standing by the doorway instead of in line with the rest of the family. And of course, Twitter weighed in on the footage that literally mirrored our favorite royal show with a number of hot takes:
But the night of dragging Donald Trump didn't end with just one viral meme. Another video captured Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on open mic poking fun at President Trump's length press conference to a gaggle of dignitaries circling him. And who was in that circle? None other than Princess Anne herself.
Standing beside British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, French President Emmanuel Macron, and other leaders, Johnson seems to ask Macron, "is that why you were late?" Trudeau chimed in with, "He was late because he takes a 40-minute press conference off the top." The Canadian leader seems to be referring to a lengthy impromptu press conference Trump called on Tuesday that was expected to be a brief photo opportunity, according to the Washington Post. "I've watched his team's jaws just drop to the floor," Trudeau later said of the conference.
Naturally, Trump has already replied to Trudeau's viral words calling him "two-faced" in a Wednesday conference. But he hasn't responded to Princess Anne's outright snub yet. In any case, Princess Anne just became an absolute Twitter hero for living out everyone's fantasy of seeing The Crown come to life.

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