A Brief History Of Liam Hemsworth’s Thirst Traps

Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images.
There are some skills that can't be taught, and Liam Hemsworth has proven himself master of the thirst trap. Over the weekend, Isn't It Romantic costar Adam Devine called out the actor for posting a photo with his dog that was clearly thirst-trap material, prompting Hemsworth to admit he had to Google the term.
"100% true ;)" Hemsworth commented back after his research.
While it's perfectly okay to put your cards on the table and call your thirst trap a thirst trap, often these types of pictures are ostensibly posted for some other, innocent purpose that just happens to make the subject look extremely hot. They're the "who, me?" of selfies, and to that, Hemsworth is no stranger.
In fact, most of his Instagram page is made up of pictures that show off his abs or his dogs or, at one point, his relationship with Miley Cyrus — we'll just gloss over that part — accompanied by jokey captions that might as well just be "LOOK AT MY CHISELED JAW" for all the use they are in making it seem like there was any other purpose for the picture.
Now, at least, it seems Hemsworth is embracing his thirst trap ways, and what better time than after a breakup for an Instagram glow-up?

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