Lizzo’s Tiny Bag Is So Big On Twitter That It Got Its Own Account

Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic.
When Lizzo stepped onto the AMAs red carpet last night donning a stunning orange frock à la Maison Valentino, we couldn’t help but take a second look. But it wasn’t her dress that stole the show (or broke the internet). No, it was something much, much smaller. The artist carried a custom Valentino purse between her crystal-encrusted acrylics so tiny, a Tic Tac probably wouldn’t fit in it, let alone the necessary tools to survive a three-hour-long event. But tools weren’t exactly top priority; not when you have to make room for something much more important: “@maisonvalentino bag big enough for my fucks to give,” her Instagram post from the night reads. 
Within minutes of her arrival, the so-called purse became a viral sensation, with most of Twitter contributing their theories about what was inside, while the rest shared their Photoshop attempts to make Lizzo’s body really small and her bag really big (nice). Even better than the memes, though, is the brand new Twitter account dedicated to the bag. Named @lizzostinybag, the account’s bio pretty much says it all: “Ya’ll hoes wanna know what’s inside me?” Why, of course we do.
From a Popeye’s chicken sandwich to a miniature version of Frankie Muniz, read all about the could-be contents of Lizzo’s tiny bag by scrolling through the account’s most popular tweets ahead.
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