Jennifer Lawrence & Cooke Maroney Arrive Via Private Jet For Their Possibly Haunted Wedding

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The weekend has finally arrived: Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney are getting married, and, apparently, indulging in all the spooky vibes of Halloween season at the same time. The couple just arrived via private jet in Rhode Island, according to TMZ, where they will head to a wedding venue that was allegedly the home of a bunch of ghosts — or at least some bad vibes. 
Lawrence and Maroney, director of art gallery Gladstone 64, are celebrating their nuptials on the Rhode Island coast at “summer cottage” (read: mansion) Belcourt of Newport, according to People
The house has an interesting history: In 1956 it was sold to the Tinney family, who kept the home despite not keeping up with the massive property’s need for continuous refurbishment. In the ‘90s, it became the place to party in Newport, despite — or maybe because of — what People called a “derelict” appearance. Owners Donald and Harle Tinney rented it out for a massive “No Underwear” party in 1999, in which women were told to stand over a mirror to prove they met the dress code. The house was also used for ghost tours and murder mystery events.
In 2012, the owner of jewelry brand Alex and Ani, Carolyn Rafaelian, purchased the mansion. Though she claimed she found no ghosts, there was something odd about the property.
“There were energies and entities, some not pleasant,” she told The New York Times in 2013. “I had a shaman perform ceremonies. We did a major cleansing, energy-wise. There was a lot of heaviness, but we took care of that. Now the house has a different vibration.”
Thanks to that cleansing, Lawrence and Maroney will only have to worry about...well, the millions of things any bride or groom worries about during a massive wedding party. (Will the appetizers will feed everyone? Can these exes really be sat at the same table?!) 
One thing Lawrence won’t have to worry about is whether she made the right choice wedding her soon-to-be hubby
"Well, he's just the best person I've ever met in my whole life," Lawrence told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet for Dark Phoenix back in June. "It was a very, very easy decision."
And if there are ghosts...well, we’re sure the wedding planner will adjust accordingly.

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