What We Can Expect From A Second Season Of Marianne

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Warning: This has spoilers for Marianne on Netflix.
Here's how most of my conversations with friends have gone since Marianne, an original and terrifying French horror series, premiered on Netflix on September 13: "Have you watched Marianne yet? You haven't? Think harder about your choices."
Briefly, the show is about Emma (Victoire du Bois), a brooding horror writer, and Marianne, a transient demon on a quest to capture a wide audience by appearing as a character in Emma's novels. It's also about the inherent spookiness of the French coast, how a friend group forms around childhood trauma, and the loneliness of a writer's creative process.
These big ideas are woven among some seriously potent scares, making Marianne one of the most intellectually stimulating and thrilling shows on Netflix. This is just to say: We need a second season. Here's what we can expect from another season of the sleeper hit.

Where did season 1 of Marianne leave off?

Ah, Emma was so close to a happy ending. Emma and her friends vanquished the witch they had accidentally summoned in a ceremony as kids.
Then, Emma finds out she got pregnant after sleeping with Seby (Ralph Amoussou), a married childhood friend and a new father. Seby, however, swears he doesn't remember the encounter. There's only one explanation: Marianne had been possessing his body at the time.
Now, Emma is likely pregnant with Marianne's spawn, or with Marianne herself — we're not well-versed in the rules of demon reproduction. The baby is Emma and Seby's, but also Marianne's. And had Emma been paying attention, she might have known to expect something like this.
Years ago, Marianne had predicted this turn of events. During the ill-fated seance, Marianne speaks through 15-year-old Emma. She turns to Seby and says, "You, son of a sow, no child for you. They will all be mine. We'll lick and eat them all, my husband and I."
All of Marianne's other predictions from that night came true, including Caroline Daugeron (Aurore Broutin) hanging herself and Tonio's (Medhi Meskar) brother dying, so her prediction about Seby's kids is credible.

Will there be a second season of Marianne?

Netflix hasn't announced a second season of Marianne. However, Netflix's precedent in renewing European-made shows gives us hope that a second season is likely. Dark, a lofty time-travel show from Germany, and The Rain, a dystopian thriller from Denmark, both premiered new installments year, as did the teen dramas Baby and Elite.

What will season 2 of Marianne be about?

Given Emma's pregnancy, the next season of Marianne will play out like a TV version of Rosemary's Baby. Of course, Emma might not go through with the pregnancy. But Marianne is stubborn. She mightn't have a choice.
Emma should be afraid. In season 1, Emma has a harrowing vision of Seby's wife giving birth to a demonic baby. The demon's green hands emerge first (gah!). Is that what will happen to Emma? A Renesmee Cullen-meets-demon birth?
Hopefully, the next season will address some of the first's lingering mysteries. Marianne gathers all her victims in a mysterious place called the "Big City." She promises Emma they're freer and happier than they had been — but Camile (Lucie Boujenah), who goes to the Big City and returns, doesn't seem free or happy. She seems haunted. Likely, season 2 will track her recovery (or downward spiral).
Is the Big City actually hell? Is it Marianne's home? Will the baby drag Emma to the Big City? Will Emma love the baby?
We don't know. But we can't wait.

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