Ben Higgins Says Pilot Pete Is The Type Of Guy Who Has A Console Full Of Condoms

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Ben Higgins has a bit of a warning for contestants seeking love with newly-anointed Bachelor Peter Weber
Higgins — who found love with Lauren Bushnell when he was the Bachelor in 2016, before the couple split up over year later — weighed in on whether Weber was a solid candidate for the reality show’s leading man in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. Speaking at the season 6 finale of Bachelor In Paradise, Higgins told ET’s Lauren Zima that he’s not sure people should trust this “sneaky” Pete.
“He has the smile, he has the charm. He doesn't have the rough and rugged look,” explained Higgins to the outlet. “So, he kind of looks like this innocent boy, and all of a sudden you open his console and it's full of condoms. So, I think it's going to be a very intimate season.”
Higgins is likely referring to the episode of Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette in which suitress Brown found condoms in Weber’s car. Safe sex is important, people — especially since Brown and Weber apparently got it on in a windmill (twice!) during the hometown visits. (“I fucked in a windmill,” Brown proudly declared in one of the confessionals on The Bachelorette. Technically, it was a cozy hotel room inside an old windmill, but the point still stands.) 
It’s the whole “windmill sex” of it all that makes Higgins think there will be plenty of hooking up this season on The Bachelor. 
"Isn't Peter a part of the windmill? So yeah, I'd have to say everything leading up to this points [to] it being a pretty intimate season,” Higgins told ET. "[Pete] was kinda the guy that snuck up on me, because he looks super innocent and I actually bet he is, but then you saw some pretty heavy like scenes with him and Hannah during the season.” 

If Weber really does have a car full of condoms, Higgins thinks he may actually need them. We may not be on the beaches of Mexico at Paradise, but, wow, is it getting hot in here?

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