Caelynn Miller-Keyes & Rachel Lindsay May Have Some Beef

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Nobody expects anyone to be thrilled about their ex's new girlfriend, but that's not the reason Rachel Lindsay is sus about Bachelor In Paradise contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes. While speaking to People, the former Bachelorette — who sent home contestant Dean Unglert on week 8 of her season — condemned Caelynn's love triangle with Dean and Connor Saeli, saying she's "not a huge fan" of the 24-year-old and that she "seems to flip flop more than any other person I’ve ever seen."
Specifically, the lawyer called out Caelynn's behavior after Dean left the island.
“Connor walks in, she’s flipping her hair and she’s like, ‘Connor is who I wanted to meet the entire time,’” she said. “She apparently was crying over Dean at the wedding but then sees Connor and completely changes — which one is it?”
In Rachel's opinion? Caelynn should have picked Connor.
“Because, you know, you went all in with him,” she explained. “He could have been able to choose somebody else at this point. I don’t know, I’m not confident in them just because I’m not confident in Caelynn’s decisions because she seems to just go with the whim.”
However, if Caelynn can feel Rachel's shade, she's certainly not listening. Now that she can finally go public with her relationship with Dean (were they ever really keeping it a secret?), she's been posting up a storm. In her first Instagram following the episode, she joked about Dean's famous 'stache.
"They say you don’t know a good thing till it’s gone... I think it’s time to bring the mustache back @deanie_babies"
She then shared a series of photos from Dean's equally infamous van.
"Lots of ramen, very few showers, and a whole lot of happiness," she wrote.
Dean posted a similar slideshow with the caption, "sorry we had to leave #bachelorinparadise early, the vantasy suite waits for no one."
Rachel may be a lawyer, but this is one instance in which I'm sure she'd be happy to be proved wrong.

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